234: The Truth About Keto, Reversing Diabetes and Going Vegan with Dr. Neal Barnard


Can you reverse diabetes?


Conventional science says no…but our favorite plant-based doctor says YES! And it’s all backed by science.


Dr. Neal Barnard grew up on a ranch in North Dakota (cattle country). But it was only while working as an autopsy assistant that he truly made the connection between meat and a dead animal. Thus the seed was planted. As time went on, he began to think about veganism from the standpoint of both health and animal welfare.


At the core of Dr. Barnard’s beliefs is that compassion should be the foundation of medicine – this means all medical research should be ethical. So if a disease is related to food, like diabetes, we need to do more than simply throw pharmaceuticals at it. That’s why he set up the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine, a group that promotes preventative medicine through a plant-based diet.


Dr. Barnard sits down and talks with Allison and guest co-host Leslie Durso about…



What is diabetes?

Diabetes happens when your body’s cells are no longer able to absorb sugar and use it for energy. This happens if you eat too many fatty foods. Fat gets into the cells and stops them working property. The solution? Well, it isn’t the standard diabetes diet (low-calorie, low-carb). The best diet for reversing diabetes is a vegan diet, with minimum oils and an abundance of low-glycemic foods.


Why not just avoid carbs?

Many people think that to control your blood sugar you simply need to avoid carbs. But the problem with that theory is that around half of what we eat contains carbs – including a lot of good stuff, like sweet potatoes, beans and whole grains. Sure, your blood sugar levels will drop and you will lose weight on a low-carb diet… because you’re semi-starving. It is not sustainable long-term. Then add extra eggs and meat, and the result is more cholesterol and a higher risk of early death.


Keto may be on trend, but it won’t do your health much good.


Dr. Barnard isn’t just a plant-based nutrition expert. He’s also a TV host and best-selling author, with over 70 scientific papers and 18 books published. His latest one, The Vegan Starter-Kit is a super-short book packed with tips for transitioning to a vegan diet and reversing diabetes. It’s perfect gift for anyone looking to go plant-based – give your loved ones the gift of health! It’s out on December 24th, and you can pre-order it on Amazon now.


Dr. Barnard’s best plant-based tips for the holidays:

  • Choose a restaurant with great plant-based options, like Italian, Thai and Japanese.  
  • Make a healthy dish and bring it to the party (or just make a vegan cheeseboard if you don’t fancy cooking).
  • Don’t arrive at the party hungry – have a little something to eat beforehand.


What you’ll learn in Episode 234:

  • How to make diabetes disappear
  • Why the ketogenic diet does not work
  • The link between meat and early death
  • Debunking the myth that beans are bad
  • How to turn your greens into dessert
  • Is soy actually bad for you?
  • The truth about coconut oil
  • Dr. Barnard’s best oil replacers
  • Why to cook with alcohol!
  • The easiest way to inspire people to go vegan
  • The diet that gives you better blood sugar control than the standard diabetes diet


Our favorite moments:

@3:00 Such a rock-star

@10:42 Compassion is the foundation of medicine

@13:38 Type 2 diabetes is not a death sentence

@21:10 What’s the beans on beans?


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