226: The Truth About Healing Cancer and Creating the Life You Want with Tracey Edmonds


Sometimes in life, situations happen that make you completely rethink your lifestyle.


For Tracey Edmonds, award-winning Hollywood producer, TV presenter and CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group (and one of the most inspiring businesswomen I know!), this moment came when her dad had a quadruple bypass. And now she’s helping people live their dream life through her new website Alright Now.


As he was fighting for his life, she made a vow to get healthy. At the time, she was eating a lot of junk food and taking prescription meds for digestive issues. These issues disappeared when she changed her diet. From the age of 25, Tracey has been on a journey of discovery about nutrition, fitness and spirituality.


Two years ago, Tracey lost her mum to an aggressive form of cancer called mesothelioma – and at the same time learned a lot about cancer and how it could be treated. As an outpatient, her mom was having Vitamin C IVs and taking supplements. Her tumors had shrunk by 40%. The second she had to go into hospital full-time, all that had to stop…no Vitamin C transfusions, no supplements – just western-medicine-approved chemotherapy and radiation. Her tumors grew back. She lost the battle against cancer. Just one year later, Tracey’s dad died from a heart attack.


Nutrition and alternative healing are hardly talked about in traditional western medicine.


Research shows that cancer cells feed on sugar, and yet you’ll find candy on display in chemotherapy centers. Evidence proves Vitamin C helps shrink tumors, and yet this is not part of cancer treatment. Most doctors get no more than a few hours of nutrition training.


This is why it’s so important that we do our own research.



The loss of both her parents to preventable diseases spurred Tracey on to launch a health & wellness website and make the world a better place. Alright Now was born.


Alright Now is an amazing resource for anyone wanting to learn about healing and how to live their best life. Health, fitness, parenting, career, relationships – it offers you tools to really thrive. Subscribe to the website and you’ll get amazing discounts on gym memberships, insurance and even restaurants!


Tracey’s big message?

  • Don’t procrastinate. Don’t wait.
  • Do some soul searching: What life do you want for yourself? What steps will make it happen?
  • Declare it, Write it, Decide it. – the only limits are those you build up in your mind. 


What you’ll learn in Episode 226:

  • The common food to avoid if you have cancer or want to avoid it
  • How hospitals keep us sick
  • Why your doctor doesn’t want to give you bloodwork
  • What is biochemistry?
  • Does spirituality help you heal?
  • How to keep going when things get tough
  • How to get more hours in your day
  • Ways to do things that feed you
  • How to start living your dream life right now


Our favorite moments:

@11:35 People are addicted

@29:15 This is a business

@43:45 We’re all sisters and brothers

@59:20 It’s all about divine guidance

@1:02:01 The happiest woman EVER


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