228: Halloween Special: Ghost Stories and How to Clear Inherited DNA


It’s Halloween….so what better time to talk ghosts and why they visit us? 


What do we mean by this?


Well, many of our core beliefs, emotional traumas and even illnesses are passed down from our ancestors in our DNA.


Three years ago, podcast producer Roxy had a chance meeting with a clairvoyant who told her about a curse on the women’s side of her family: a curse on love. This made Roxy think about her own relationships…were they too a result of this curse?


Do curses really exist?


According to Lisa Thomas (also guest of Episode 215), they do.


And it’s the result of there being spirits, or ghosts, on the other side of the veil. Some ghosts have never had a body or been to earth, and therefore follow the dark, malevolent side. Some are spirits who have lived on earth before, but who have stayed earthbound – sometimes because of drug addiction, anger, revenge, guilt. Some, however, are assigned as our guardian angels. Others are here because they are trying to teach us something. Some simply don’t know how to get back.


Whatever the reason, these ghosts can be cleared. Either through an energy clearing, or by accepting the gift they are trying to communicate. You can free yourself from inherited trauma, as well as free the ghosts from their earthbound nature so they can return to the other side.



Lisa Thomas is a world-renown transformational energy healer who specializes in healing ancestral DNA and clearing old patterns (as she’s shown in Episode 215).


If you want to book a DNA clearing, go to www.foodhealsnation.com/lisa to get on the list. Check out Lisa’s website and get your free meditation to Release Inherited Money Blocks, a great tool to unblock your limiting belief about money, clear your energy and prepare your body for healing.


What you’ll learn in Episode 228:

  • Do curses exist?
  • What are ghosts?
  • When to burn sage, and when not to
  • Why are souls trapped here?
  • Is our podcast producer psychic?
  • What to do if you’re clairvoyant
  • How to manage your psychic gift
  • Can family members curse us?
  • Are you clairvoyant?
  • How to use your gifts to step out of depression


Our favorite moments:

@15:03 Curses are real!

@20:35 I’ve got a ghost, what do I do?

@24:50 Straight up psychic


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