225: Running For Good: Making An Impact For The Animals With Keegan Kuhn and Fiona Oakes


Fiona Oakes is one of the most humble, incredible, inspiring people we’ve ever met.


At just 3 years old, she went vegetarian. When she was 6 she opted out of all animal products, at a time when being vegan was considered an eating disorder. Her love for animals motivated her to open up an animal sanctuary. But that wasn’t enough: she wanted to do more. In 2004, Fiona launched a running club to show you can be strong on a vegan diet. It also helped bring the word “vegan” to the masses.


Since then, she’s broken 3 world records and run countless marathons, including the Marathon des Sables – a 156-mile race through the Sahara Desert(!). This is all the more extraordinary when you find out that she doesn’t have a trainer, doesn’t really enjoy running, AND, oh yeah, has no knee-cap! She’s driven by her love of animals, and her desire to create a more sustainable world.


But despite her achievements, mainstream media has kept its distance. In fact, Fiona was even told not to mention her vegan diet on live TV (after she had just broken a world record)!



Keegan Kuhn, co-creator of Cowspiracy and What the Health, has made it her life mission to change the hush-hush perception around veganism. We all need to use our own voice to elevate the vegan message, and elevate others who are promoting a positive agenda for the world, and the animals. Keegan was raised vegetarian with only two rules: don’t hurt anyone, and question authority. He turned vegan at just 12 – you can find out more about his story on Episode 93.


Fiona’s achievements (and her humility) are what made Keegan want to create the documentary Running for Good. He quickly realized the absurdity of a society that praises people for serving their own ego, and yet attempts to silence a person who’s doing incredible things just for the animals. For over twenty years, Fiona’s run over 20 miles a day while looking after 450 animals. She does this all on a vegan diet, to make the world a better place. In short? We think she’s amazing (as if that wasn’t already obvious).


Running for Good comes out TODAY! You can watch this film FOR FREE October 11-14th.


Watch the film at https://runningforgoodfilm.com


What you’ll learn in Episode 225:

  • What is creative veganism?
  • How to have maximum impact
  • What Fiona eats to race hard
  • The myth of carb loading
  • How to get the best out of your workouts
  • Homemade energy drinks recipe
  • The science behind intermittent fasting and why we love it
  • How to avoid that mid-afternoon slump
  • Does the media back away from anything vegan?


Our favorite moments:

@3:30 Create opportunity

@10:45 The only vegan in the village

@25:20 Fiona love fest

@33:54 You can do it if you believe


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