224: Have Your Skinny Jeans AND Your Cake – How to Eat Sweet Without Damaging Your Body


Did you know sugar is the new smoking? Or that sugar’s molecular structure is nearly identical to cocaine’s?


That’s what makes sugar addictive – and it’s literally everywhere! Over 80% of items in the supermarket contain added sugar – even foods you wouldn’t expect (like crackers, salad dressing, and soup)!


In the 80’s, we decided fat was the enemy. We removed the fat from our foods but replaced it with sugar.


The result? We got fatter! And sicker. That’s because sugar causes inflammation in the body, and inflammation is the root cause of many diseases, from cardiovascular disease to cancer.


So how can we avoid the white stuff but still satisfy our sweet tooth? Swerve Sweeteners offer a natural solution!



Andress is the CEO and founder of Swerve Sweetener, a New Orleans-based company focused on helping educate people about blood sugar stabilization. With their sweeteners, you can bake to your heart’s content WITHOUT compromising on health. For Andress, health starts with blood sugar balance, because when you control blood sugar, you’ll have:


  • Better Energy,
  • Better Weight Management,
  • And Better Mood.


What makes a sweetener without all the guilt? Sugar alcohols…but not just any sugar alcohol. Swerve uses a blend of the sugar alcohol erythritol and prebiotic oligosaccharides. The body metabolizes erythritol so much differently than other sugar alcohols like xylitol (which can cause some digestive issues). What’s more, it’s vegan, there’s nothing artificial, no GMO, and no MSG. AND it’s diabetes-friendly!


So basically, you can use Swerve in your baking and cooking, guilt-free.  Check out Swerve’s website for some absolutely gorgeous sweet recipes (over 300 of ’em!).


And be on the lookout for their newest products: brown sugar, and vegan keto grain-free gluten-free bake mixes for when you need a healthy treat in a hurry.


Available in your grocery store or online.


What you’ll learn in Episode 224:

  • What links sugar and cocaine(!)
  • Healthy sweeteners you can use in your coffee
  • Why you’re struggling to give up the white stuff
  • Foods you’d never believe contain sugar
  • What you need to know about xylitol – especially if you have pets
  • A sugar-free sugar you can make crème brulée with!
  • How Andress went from radio host to eco-entrepreneur
  • The truth about diabetes and healing it
  • The first thing to do if you have cancer


Our favorite moments:

@11:55 That’s awesome

@14:45 Head first!

@19:30 Stay the F away!

@20:38 Sugar feeds tumors

@26:32 Those lonely days are over


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