220: Banish Acne, Reveal Beautiful Skin, Let Go of Perfectionism and Be Authentically You


“Why don’t you put a bag over your face?”


That’s the question Daisy grew up hearing the most. She suffered from terrible cystic acne starting in 3rd grade. Despite trying every anti-acne product on the market – oral antibiotics, silicic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur – nothing worked. In fact, these conventional treatments made her skin worse. She felt massively insecure, ugly, and believed she would never belong. She was also bullied because of her skin, which lowered her self-esteem dramatically.


But it also motivated her to make a change…both for herself and for other silent sufferers of the same mistreatment.


Tired of trying products that didn’t work, she began reviewing them on her YouTube channel to help lead other acne sufferers in the right direction. Viewers resonated with her vulnerability, and before she knew it she’d built a loyal following. As she kept trying to heal her skin, she realized it was about much more than what was going on her skin; it was also about diet and lifestyle.


Now, her mission is to help others clear up their skin, feel beautiful, and be unapologetically themselves.



Ever since her breakthrough, her skin became acne-free and glowing. Plus, her skincare brand, Banish, is a million-dollar business selling a small range of products made with only natural ingredients – no preservatives, artificial fragrances, or harmful chemicals. Best of all, it’s skincare that really works.


Her best seller by far is the Banish Set. This kit includes the “Banisher”, a micro-needling roller which causes microscopic damage to the skin (no paint at all!) and promotes skin renewal, combined with the Banish Oil, a vitamin C serum that contains ascorbic acid and rose hip oil.  Together, these products increase collagen and elastane in your skin, helping to reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. And there’s no down-time!


We love it. Use the code Foodhealsnation for $10 off your first order. Then check out these amazing before & after pics.


What you’ll learn in Episode 220

  • Why conventional acne treatments will make your acne worse
  • The dietary changes Daisy made to heal her skin
  • The pro-acne diet you need to avoid
  • Why vitamin C helps more than just your skin
  • The magic of micro-needling
  • A treatment that will totally rejuvenate your skin
  • How Daisy overcame the emotional scars of bullying
  • Though-provoking conversations about perfection
  • How to own who you are and be authentic
  • The surprising truth about Facebook
  • Top ingredients to avoid in your skincare
  • The highs and lows of entrepreneurship
  • How Daisy launched a million-dollar skincare business


Our favorite moments:

@11:44 You don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful

@19:03 Vitamin C junkie

@29:30 Give less fucks

@34:50 The truth about Facebook

@38:15 The BEST ingredient for your skin


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