216: Using Mindfulness and Consciousness to Succeed in Business and Heal Your Relationships with Michael Neeley and JJ Flizanes


Can relationship and business make good bedfellows? Only if you’ve got mindfulness about both.


Think about what it takes to be a successful solo-preneur.


Things like drive, passion, organization and strength first come to mind….


…But what about belief in yourself, trust in your abilities and confidence in your knowledge.


Without these things, you run the risk of standing in your own way. So how can we stop blocking ourselves from following our dreams and setting up our businesses?


It all starts with mindfulness.


The same goes for our relationships.


Don’t take the “solo” in solo-preneur too seriously. The vibrations (all our habitual thoughts and our core beliefs about ourselves and the world) we give off either attract people into (or out of) our lives. Unless we love ourselves, we cannot expect another person to truly love us. This means we must empower ourselves and take responsibility for what we bring into our relationships. Because we need relationships to succeed, no matter the business.


Mindfulness (of business and relationships) can be the difference between success and failure.



Few know this better than today’s guest, Michael Neeley. Michael first discovered mindfulness during his acting career (he spent twelve years working as a medieval knight!). The more he studied Buddhism and got into the psychology of human beings though, the more he felt driven to share this knowledge with the world. He got out of acting and into coaching, and now runs three podcasts and regular mindset mastery events. You’ve gotta be mindful to stay this productive and successful.


Michael’s ultimate mission? To bring new ways of thinking and being to people that will make them more mindful of themselves and their world.


That’s why Michael launched Your Authority Blueprint Live, an event dedicated to helping visionary solo-preneurs connect with their inner expert and become successful. The Authority Blueprint is founded on four pillars


  1. Podcasting
  2. Virtual Summits
  3. Speaking From Stage
  4. Authoring Your Own Book


which, when implemented, will catapult you (couldn’t avoid a medieval reference) onto the scene in a big way.


Michael’s year-long program, the Authority Academy, goes through each pillar and helps you release the blocks that keep you from overcoming the challenge that comes with each one. By the end of the year you’ll have:


  1. A podcast up and running
  2. Speaking experiences at an online summit
  3. Booked gigs for live events
  4. A published book


More details HERE.


If you’re ready to release what keeps you blocked, then don’t miss JJ’s Releasing What Weighs You Down event on January 10th to 13th in Los Angeles. Speakers will include JJ herself, Michael Neeley, Allison, energy practitioner Lisa Thomas and mind-body-spirit nutritionist Jeanne Peters.


What you’ll learn in Episode 216:

  • Why you’re already an expert
  • What to do, and in what order, to become an authority figure in your chosen field
  • How to gain clarity on your authority
  • How Michael launched his first podcast in just 2 weeks(!)
  • How Consciously Speaking went from amateur podcast to 7-day-a-week podcast
  • What it means to be awake
  • The biggest beliefs that hold you back
  • Are you choosing your partner to heal the wounds of your past?
  • How to heal your relationships
  • How to make the Law of Attraction work for you
  • The strategies JJ used to stop being defensive
  • Why working on yourself will help you manifest your soulmate
  • Masculinity tips for consciously awake men


Our favorite moments:

@3:39 What does it mean to be a medieval knight?

@20:24 Wake up the planet

@23:36 Spiritual bypass bullshit

@33:15 Wine and sex?

@1:02:45 Are you upper-limiting?


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