215: Release Inherited Emotional Blocks, Heal Your Money Mindset and Manifest Your Desires With Transformational Energy Healer Lisa Thomas


Ever feel like any work you do on your inner life gets you NOWHERE?


What if your fears, limiting beliefs and negative patterns were not your own, but actually inherited from your ancestors?


Could you be holding something in your body that isn’t even yours?


If your ancestors ever had any kind of emotional trauma, such as fear, phobias, depression, anxiety, or abuse, then it’s time you know that these things become subconscious traps that pass their energy through DNA. This gets passed down, generation to generation. So your phobia of spiders may be due to a great great aunt experiencing the trauma of getting bitten. Or, for example, Food Heals regular Whitney Lauritsen discovered her limiting beliefs around money came from her grandfather’s living through the Great Depression.


It’s overwhelming to believe that you’re carrying your ancestors’ trauma (when it’s hard just to carry our own), but don’t worry! You can free yourself from these patterns and release the emotions that are not your own.



Lisa Thomas is a Transformational Energy Healer and today’s guest on the podcast! With Whitney as co-host, we will ask Lisa how she uses a combination of kinesiology (a form of muscle testing) and clairvoyancy to:


  • Connect with her clients’ subconscious
  • Discover where these limiting beliefs have come from
  • Assess what is keeping them from freedom
  • And reveal what needs to be released


Lisa was born with these gifts and initially felt this to be her huge burden. Seeing dead people isn’t exactly fun when you don’t know what it all means and you can’t talk to anyone about it. She didn’t know what to do, and felt afraid and isolated. It wasn’t until years later that she realized that if she wasn’t using her gifts to empower people, she wasn’t fulfilling her purpose on earth.


Thanks to her help, her clients can align with their soul purpose, get their unique gifts into the world, and reach their fullest potential. By drawing on her access to Source Energy and knowledge of holistic healing methods, Lisa can break patterns of struggle and negative energy that hold you back, so you can achieve a life filled with love and prosperity.


She offers consultations in person, by Skype or by phone, and she works with people from all over the world and of all ages, from newborns to 80-year-olds. And now she can consult for you!…


Lisa’s Two Special Offers for Food Heals Nation:

  • Get a DNA Healing Session with Lisa …and receive $100 off! Just remember to mention that Food Heals podcast sent you! More details in the link: www.foodhealsnation.com/lisa
  • Free healing meditation! Head to Lisa’s website for her Release Inherited Money Blocks Meditation Series, a great tool to unblock your limiting belief about money, clear your energy and prepare your body for healing.


Ep. 215 Also Available Wherever You Listen To Podcasts, Including:

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What you’ll learn in Episode 215:

  • What is emotionally inherited DNA?
  • How Lisa clears your DNA of ancestral fears
  • How to connect to your guardian angels
  • Are you a hoarder because of your ancestors?
  • How to tap into Source Energy
  • How to keep your three brains healthy (yes, we have three(!) brains)
  • The three blocks to feeling emotionally balanced
  • How to tap into your gratitude in a deeper way
  • Six words that will get you out of fear and into manifesting
  • The trick to manifesting in your car
  • A two-minute strategy to begin clearing your energies right now


Our favorite moments:

@6:31 A very powerful experience

@11:24 Wow, what a gift!

@19:45 Life doesn’t have to be difficult

@28:55 I hear dead people

@59:25 The number one inherited emotion

@1:00:42 There’s room at the top





The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson

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