213: How to Feng Shui Your Home, Declutter Your Life, Attract Prosperity and Transform Your Life


Is clutter holding you back?


You may think mess is just a nuisance, but the state of your home is a reflection of the state of what’s going on inside you.


Our environment sends us sensory messages about the world we live in, and about how we are managing that world. A broken path to your home sends the message that life is hard, that things can trip you up. A cluttered purse sends the message of difficulty letting go. A chaotic desk speaks of disorganization. When we begin to clear and de-clutter our environment, we actually begin to clear our inner world as well. And that is the real magic of Feng Shui.


Dana Claudat is a modern Feng Shui master, but her life wasn’t always zen. There was a time when a perfect life to Dana meant hustling (like x1000) and always chasing the next thing. On the outside her life looked awesome. But on the inside? She was totally burnt out.


After years of this kind of fast-paced lifestyle, she ended up in hospital with auto immune disorders. For the first time in her adult life, she was house-bound. Forced to slow down, Dana realized she’d never made her house a home, never created a space where she could truly thrive. There wasn’t a single picture on the walls. She allowed the place to look like an impersonal Airbnb.


That’s when she found Feng Shui, and it transformed her life.


Through the art of Feng Shui, Dana found her voice, got grounded, became confident, and created her business. For over a decade, she’s helped clients change their homes and reconnect with the flow of their life’s true purpose. New jobs, fame, soulmate relationships, business deals, and renewed self-love are just some of the results Dana’s clients get out of their time with this Feng Shui master.


Feng Shui Explained

Feng Shui is the art and science of creating an optimum space for you to thrive. There’s no one-size-fits-all model to this. And it’s not about following arbitrary rules, like purple for wealth or red for success (I mean, not everyone wants red and purple in their living room, right?). Instead, it’s about how the space makes you feel.


Prosperity comes from creativity. And for creativity to blossom you need to feel present and grounded in your space. That comes from creating a home that is decluttered and clear of stagnant or wasteful energies.


Dana’s Tips to Declutter Your Home and Create Prosperity

  • Start small: There’s no point having a super tidy garage if your purse is total chaos. Start with the spaces that you interact with every single day, such as your purse, your bathroom shelf and your kitchen cupboards.
  • Everything in your life should have a purpose: Do you use that dusty tread mill in the corner, or do you just go the gym or go outside to run? Are you making the most of your dining room, or are decorations there (or not there) because someone told you to?
  • Create conversations in your home: If your furniture seems very separated and disjointed, move things around, group things together, and see how this shifts the room’s energy.
  • Be intuitive: if you feel something needs to go, get rid of it. Don’t keep that cushion just because your auntie gave it to you.
  • Clean up your digital space: these rules apply to your virtual life too. Organize those files and don’t be afraid to un-follow feeds that only send negative energy your way.
  • Clear stagnant energies from your home. Burning sage is great for this. Open all the windows and set your intention to clear the space. Mindfully walk around your home and visualize old energy flowing out and new energy flowing in.
  • A great place to start the path of Feng Shui is with Dana’s free Life Detox Jump Start Course, where you’ll learn how to detox the clutter and attract more love, health, prosperity and happiness.


What Dana and her course helps show all of us is that when you change your home, you change your life.


You can shape the universe around you in your favor, and perhaps it starts in your purse or pocket.


Where will you begin?



What you’ll learn in Episode 213:

  • Is clutter affecting your mind and body?
  • The one thing to do if you can’t sleep or lose weight
  • Debunking “bad” Feng Shui
  • Why you need to break the rules
  • How to break out of poverty mentality
  • An easy way to clear energy from your mattress
  • Why sage wands are an invaluable tool
  • A superfast method to sync both your brain hemispheres and awaken your creativity
  • How to stay away from strategies that take away your power
  • How to use salt to transform negative energy from your life (this one comes with a warning!)


Our favorite moments:

@2:52 Clutter even affects your body!

@15:59 The two schools of thought

@37:17 It’s like the coolest science

@43:57 Speak to your house!




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