210: Kerri Kasem Shares Her Secrets for Ageless & Healthy Beauty PLUS How to Stop Sugar Cravings For Good


Kerri went vegan at the age of 12. But that didn’t mean she was eating healthy…


Pasta, sugar, gluten, soy, and junk food made up much of her diet, causing drastic mood swings, low energy and skin issues. After 24 years of wrong-headed veganism, she finally acknowledged it was making her feel like crap. She had constant sugar cravings, was tired all the time, became anemic, started losing her hair, and her brain often went fuzzy.


And what did the doctor do? Prescribe medicine. There was no questioning Kerri about her diet. She was simply diagnosed with ADD, handed a order for pills and sent on her way.


At that moment, Kerri reached a different kind of brain moment: one of realization.


She realized her problem wasn’t about veganism. Her problem was about health and eating right. That’s because every major food choice you make dramatically affects your mood and your physical health. Your gut isn’t called a second brain for nothing – that’s where your immune system is, and where most of your serotonin is produced. So if you’re eating foods that cause poor digestion and inflammation in your gut, then you will affect your mental health and increase your risk of auto immune issues.


The biggest culprit in all of this is the one food we all find so hard to give up: SUGAR. Kerri only needed to walk past the aroma of strawberry shortbread to get a craving. We often associate sweet tastes or smells with happy times in our childhoods, so we naturally seek it out, especially when stressed or sad. And we’re hard-wired to desire sweet foods. Basically, we’re addicted to sugar from the get-go. So to really step into a life of health, we have to free ourselves from our built-in sugar cravings.


That’s exactly what Kerri did, and why she’s launched her new brand Ageless and Healthy, dedicated to helping people be the healthiest, most beautiful version of themselves. And if you already enjoy Food Heals, then you are going to die for Kerri’s podcast, The KPod (it’s what originally inspired us to start this show!!), so check it out!


Kerri’s Tips for Ageless Health and Beauty:

  • Hydration, hydration, hydration: have 2-3 liters of water a day and in 3 months you will look like you’ve had fillers in your face. That’s why you also need electrolytes to help your cells to absorb that water.
  • Vitamin C: apply vitamin C serum and take vitamin C supplements.
  • Make sure your anti-aging cream contains vitamin C and retinol. These nutrients WILL tighten your skin.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • HALO laser therapy & IPL (intense pulse light laser therapy)
  • Beauty begins from within…so stay beautiful and eat those greens! They instantly alkalize you and give off boundless energy (way better than coffee, people…just sayin’!).
  • Suffer from rosacea? Go on an elimination diet; focus first on the foods you eat or drink every day.
  • Stick to anti-inflammatory healing foods (turmeric, greens, antioxidants) and leave the junk foods on the shelf.


You can check out Kerri’s previous Food Heals episode here!



What you’ll learn in episode 210:

  • Why Kerri went vegetarian after 24 vegan years
  • Which food Kerri ate to stop her hair loss
  • Why you MUST cut out sugar as a vegan
  • Reasons to start supplementing today
  • How to completely free yourself from sugar cravings
  • Why brain chemical imbalance is not the cause of your depression
  • How pharmaceutical companies push their pills onto us (you might want to re-think which tv shows you watch!)
  • Why sugar is just as bad for your skin as smoking
  • The trick to looking beautiful and natural as you age
  • How Allison got rid of her sun spots
  • The best lasers and treatments for young, glowing skin
  • The best diet for allergies, weight loss, and inflammation


Our favorite moments:

@5:24 Why you have to stop sugar when you’re vegan

@9:30 The truth about food groups

@14:40 We are Pill Nation!

@16:34 It’s the new coke

@34:40 A miracle product to tighten your skin

@54:40 What you DON’T know about stomach acid and reflux

@1:01:03 Diet is 95%







YouTube.com/AgelessandHealthy  [please check this – I couldn’t access this channel from the UK so the link might be wrong]


The KPod Podcast

That Sugar Film

Grain Brain book

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