211: Sisterhood, Gelato and Wine – Let Us Take You On Our Vegan Italian Getaway!


When Ali first imagined reaching Italy, she thought “Cool, I’m going to drink wine and eat olives.”


But it ended up being SO MUCH MORE than that. Not only did we experience a real immersion into Italian culture, with all its mind-blowing food, breathtaking scenery and relaxed pace of life, but we created sisterhood bonds that will surely last a lifetime. Plus, we got to do it all in a place that we can truly now call the mecca of healing and connection.


And guess what? We even recorded a Food Heals Podcast Episode right here in Italy, just for y’all!


Here are a few of the amazing things from the trip that we discuss on this week’s episode:

  • The Environment: the clear blue sea, the hot sun, the beautiful people, the relaxed pace of life.
  • The Feminine Energy on the retreat: we supported, empowered and held the space for each other to be truly ourselves.
  • The Deep Love Connections: heart-opening moments between like-minded women.
  • The Mutual Support: learning and growing together, making connections that will last a lifetime.
  • An Actual Real Holiday: you know those vacations that are supposed to be vacations but ending being more stressful than your regular life? Yeah, this wasn’t one of those! All we had to do was get our plane tickets and everything else was taken care of. For us women with busy lives, this felt like a real holiday.
  • The olives! The olive oil! The eggplant! The sorbets! The lemons! The gelato…The food there was ridiculous.
  • Being an unapologetic vegan while sampling Italy’s finest foods.
  • Our blissful boat trip
  • Learning to choose ingredients and cooking vegan masterpieces with Leslie Durso.


Plus, we also talk tips to get more veggies into your kids’ diets:

  • Go to the farmers market together and challenge them to pick out the craziest vegetables.
  • Get them involved, cook together!
  • Health treats – make a smoothie of peas, spinach, kiwis and pears – it tastes just like apple sauce, but green.
  • Make homemade guacamole – kids love it!
  • Dips like hummus will make it easier for kids to eat raw veggies.
  • Cauliflower popcorn. Roast cauliflower with coconut oil for 50 minutes and watch them gobble it up



What you’ll learn in Episode 211:

  • What makes Italy the best place for a healing getaway
  • How to get more vegetables in your kids
  • A super easy thing to do with ANY vegetable that will make it taste amazing
  • How to take Vitamin C to heal any illness
  • Crazy things pharmacists are taught at school
  • One natural ingredient that will heal you WITHOUT side effects
  • Why we went vegan
  • The link between Alzheimer’s disease and dairy
  • How to reverse Alzheimer’s
  • One tip that will help you stick to your new vegan lifestyle
  • The most important ingredient to put into your meals


Our favorite moments:

@10:26 Don’t even get me started on the wine

@13:45 A love fest!

@20:51 Straight up fun

@22:59 Mutual falling in love

@27:50 Pass the prosecco!

@42:34 You can reverse high blood pressure

@50:34 Food is drugs

@1:00:46 Stand in all your vegan glory



Join us in Italy in 2019!



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Podcast Episode: Noor Daghistani, FoodProof:


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