209: Money Mindset: How Powerhouse Women Can Step Out of the Hustle, Get Into Flow & Create A Successful Coaching Career


Lynne Taggart works with spiritual entrepreneurs, deep diving into the inner work most of us avoid doing, to make their business super successful. Alli met Lynne at Level 3 of Spirit Junkie Masterclass.


Until then, Lynne had held back.


She did most of her work online because she didn’t feel ready to be that visible. But during a mastermind with Gabby Bernstein, Lynne realized she was being called to do more in-person work.


Lynne had to go through her own shifts before becoming a coach. She’d always been an entrepreneur, running her own fashion shop since she was 23. But despite her success, she was unhappy, insecure, anxious and burned out.


She closed the shop to become a stay at home mom, and fell into coaching because it was something she could easily do remotely. At first, she didn’t think about it as a business, but when she saw the potential for emotional growth and transformation, she knew she had found her calling.


Now Lynne runs events to help other women shift into who they are truly meant to be and reach their full potential. She helps her clients create a soulful online business and become un-apologetically abundant.


How can you attract this abundance into your life? First you need to tap into your purpose.


How can you know what you’re here to do? Don’t compare yourself to what other people are doing, but figure out what YOU love to do.


When you tap into the fact that we live in an abundant Universe, you realize it’s okay to charge for your gifts, to put your prices up, to earn a paycheck from your passion.


When you tap into the flow, it’s easier to realize what you want.


You need to change your energy to match what it is you want to attract into your life. You might want success, but are you ready for it?


There’s a huge difference between hustle and flow. It’s so easy for us to get stuck in the hustle – we’re busy, we’re rushing one place to the next, getting through our 2-mile-long-to-do-list.


But it’s hard to get inspired in that space. Flow is where ideas come to you: when you’re meditating, when you’re in the present and connected to the now.


Lynne’s secrets to manifest more abundance:

  • When you get an idea or a desire, don’t ignore it! You deserve it and you CAN do it. Recognize that desire and tune into it.
  • Explore the desire, what it looks like, what it feels like. You’re declaring to the Universe that you want it to happen.
  • Begin to look for signs and take heed. The Universe will deliver what you need to make your dreams happen.
  • Align: become a vibrational match for the desire.
  • And…Work with Lynne!
    • Soul Biz Mastery is a 12-module program for the new entrepreneur, that combines deep inner work and will teach you how to build your online business. The program includes live coaching calls with other program members.
    • Six-Month Private Coaching: for the powerhouse woman looking for results. Come out of the hustle, have some fun, experience joy, and become even more empowered.


Gabby Bernstein’s Principles for Running a Spiritual Business

You’ve seen what’s happening in the world, felt it deep, empathized with it, and held it within you. And that sent you a message:


Let’s go. Shine bright. Go big.


But to go big, you need money. Not just to pay your bills, but to nurture yourself, to give back, to really be abundant.


But if you stay within the energy of “I need to pay my bills”, you’re still in fear. Because there are infinite possibilities for abundance. Even getting fired is simply the Universe setting you free to start your heart-centered business. The same goes for debt. Debt is just a lesson you need to learn, something that needs to be healed. So be grateful for it. Thank it for teaching you, thank it for decreasing. Once you learn the lesson, the debt will disappear.


We can all have a quantum shift around money. You can heal your money mindset. So tell yourself “I can earn,” “I can do this.” That will create a new story, and that sends out a vibration to the world…


You’re ready for abundance.


Money is not complicated. You’re either coming at it from fear or love. If you’re fearful around money, you block it. If you’re in fear of money, it is because you have disconnected from spirit. You’re relying on your own strength. You need to reconnect with the Universe. So ask it: Show me how I can show up. Show me creative possibilities for abundance. Show me how I can serve.


Because when your work revolves around love, money flows. Your business needs to be about love, because love is a magnet, and it multiplies…and it is the only currency.


Your money situation, your business, your relationships, your body…everything is a reflection of your spiritual condition and your spiritual relationship.


In order to create abundance, we must believe in creative possibilities.


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What you’ll learn in Episode 209:

  • How Gabby had a huge quantum shift around money
  • Gabby’s top tip to get you out of debt
  • How Lynn overcame fear and stepped up her business
  • Steps you can take right now to attract abundance
  • Why you NEED to charge for your gifts
  • One life hack that will stop you getting overwhelmed
  • How to stretch time
  • How to manifest anything you like
  • How to shift from fear to flow
  • Is it ok to focus on multiple desires?
  • One question to reveal whether you’re in the flow or not
  • Why saying “no” can open up more opportunity
  • How Lynne came out of the spiritual closet
  • How Lynne had her first 5-figure month


Our favorite moments:

@2:55 We were all eating a lot of gluten

@13:55 It’s more energy than anything

@47:14 You WILL start to see really rapid shifts

@55:12 This has completely changed my life




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