206: Start your Love-Based Business and Make Money From Your Passion with Gabby Bernstein


Today’s episode about making a lasting impact on the world is brought to you by Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass.


Four super-successful entrepreneurs have tips, tricks and secrets to share with you that will change your life and the way you think about business!


Gabby Bernstein: Share your gifts with the world

It’s not okay to accept money for your skills…


…it’s actually imperative!


And this world needs more people with the skill of transformational leadership. It’s less about having a really fun career (even though that is an awesome part of it) and more about being of service to the world – and that happens by sharing your authentic self, your wisdom, and your unique talents.


The problem is, if we don’t accept abundance for doing that work, then we’re not able to do it effectively enough to enact positive change. If you don’t accept money for your skills, then you deny the world a service it desperately needs…and you deny yourself the life you’ve always dreamed of.


It’s time to get unapologetic about your abundance.


But this is hard, right? So many of us hold on to stories (“you’ve gotta work slowly up the ladder to get anywhere in life”) that keep us stuck in financial fear. We feel it’s wrong to accept money for spiritual work, or don’t really believe we can make a living doing what we love because it seems to go against what we’ve been taught.


These are all lies that stop you from sharing your gifts and showing up for the world in a bigger way.


But there’s a lot you can do to free yourself from those old beliefs, change your financial story and open yourself up to ABUNDANCE.


In Gabby Bernstein’s third video training, she will teach you how to make publicity and marketing fun (instead of scary), how you can make an impact doing what you love, plus her secret method for really standing out and being heard.

Watch this free training now!


Kelsey Dalziel: Your Intuition will guide you

Founder of the Sisterhood of TiredAss Moms, medium, meditation teacher and coach Kelsey Dalziel is a true inspiration (check out Episode 160 for her story). She went from doing nails and being a depressed, exhausted mom to achieving her dream: helping other tired-ass moms go from survival mode to thrive-al mode, and set up their own businesses. Taking Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass gave Kelsey the confidence she needed to follow her heart and take that leap.


Plus, it put her in touch with the best business partner ever: THE UNIVERSE!!


Kelsey believes you already know where you need to be. But fear and self-doubt stop you from being clear and going for your goals. If you feel unsure what to do next, just ask. Your intuition, the universe, your spirit guides are all offering guidance…all you need to do is pay attention.


Laura Petersen: You ARE an expert

Laura owns Copy that Pops, a brand that helps entrepreneurs who are passionate about sharing their story in a compelling, engaging, authentic way (and becoming best-selling authors along the way). Laura has written two essential books for the aspiring writer: Copywriting for Podcasters and Permission to Write a Brand Building Book.


Laura’s favorite thing to do is make people Amazon best-sellers! In her masterclasses you go from the idea stage to the writing, publishing (or self-publishing) and marketing stage, using strategies and mindset shifts you’d have never thought of to get there. Her group and inner circle provide the support you need to make your brand grow and really pop. All so you can take it to the next level.


And if you’re thinking “who am I to write a book?”, stop. Your goal is not to impress other gurus…your goal is to help someone! Let go of the negativity you’ve put down ou ARE expert enough, and it’s your duty to share your knowledge.


Michele PW: Selling with love instead of fear

Michele is a fellow podcaster and best-selling author of the Love-Based Business series of books. Her mission is to help people feel all their feelings so they don’t let their feelings control their actions. She discovered her love-based philosophy through love-based copy writing. Instead of getting sales through fear, she realized that she could build a business through love. Head over to her Love Based Biz Blog to get tips on how to sell from a place of love.


Most of us don’t put money and love in the same box. But the truth shared from these four kick-ass entrepreneurs is that unless we shift our mindset, we block abundance.


What are your financial beliefs? Some of us think rich people are evil, that money doesn’t grow on trees, that it’s never there, that it goes out quicker than it comes in, that you have to work hard for it…


What kind of energy is that putting out?


A great way to start transforming your relationship with money is to examine your beliefs and underlying feelings around it. What comes up for you when you think about money? Decide how you want to feel about it, and start putting that out there. When you approach your finances from a place of love and abundance, you open the door for that abundance to flow towards you. We love Michelle’s podcast Love-Based Money.


If you’ve been dreaming of setting up your own business, but are held back by fear, doubt, or feeling inadequate, then you need, need, NEED to check out Gabby Bernstein’s FREE TRAINING. In this video, she will share her secret methods to really being seen and heard in this world – and if you’re worried about marketing, she’ll show you how to make it fun and successful. Click HERE.



What you’ll learn in Episode 206:

  • How to open yourself up to abundance
  • How to free yourself from the stories that are holding you back
  • What you can do to begin healing your financial fears
  • How to take what you know and love, and make it your paycheck
  • The #1 thing you need to do for your business
  • How to recognize messages from the spiritual world
  • The one thing you need to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur
  • How to build a business on a foundation of love
  • The difference between fear-based copy and love-based copy
  • How to shift from wannabe to entrepreneur
  • How to sell through love
  • Why you might need to use pain in your marketing (in a loving way)
  • When fear-based selling works better than love
  • Why you DON’T have to work hard for money


Our favorite moments:

@4:11 Let’s get real here

@7:05 This one rocks!

@25:25 Just do it anyway.

@53:58 We’re angels.

@1:04:25 It’s all energy.

@1:19:20 It’s complicated to be human.

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