200: Busting Beauty Myths and How to Get Gorgeous For Good with Sophie Uliano


She makes green sexy and cool, she’s a best-selling author AND an eco-Marry Poppins for the new Millennium. We couldn’t think of anyone better to celebrate 200 episodes of the Food Heals Podcast…


So without further ado…the gorgeous Sophie Uliano!


If you’ve tried and tried to make good habits stick but never quite get there, Sophie has the perfect event for you.       **(learn more below the Favorite moments section)**


But first, time to bust some health & beauty myths.


Myth 1: Synthetic chemicals are bad, and “natural” ingredients are always better and safer.

First off, the term “natural” is not regulated at all, so anyone can put that on their label. And when it comes to synthetics, well, that just means “made in a lab.” Let’s take the top four ingredients that really make a difference to your skin:


  1. Vitamin C (in the form of ascorbic acid),
  2. Retinoids
  3. Hydroxyacids
  4. Peptides


All four NEED TO BE in their synthetic forms to be stable. They might be “chemicals” but they’re completely safe for your skin.


Best Skin Care Ingredients to Fade Sun Spots Fast:

  • For sensitive skin/prone to breakouts: beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) that contains willow bark which will also get rid of your black heads.
  • For not-so-sensitive skin: alpha hydroxy acid to melt away the dead skin cells and reveal your glow.
  • Our favorite brands: Sunshine Botanicals Pumpkin Power Peal; Alpha H; MyChell.


Myth 2: Everyone should use retinols.

Yes, but also no. Actually, retinols are something everyone should use, because as our skin gets older, it thins – that’s what makes skin under the eyes appear darker. Retinoids help to thicken skin. BUT prescription-strength retinoids can be too harsh and cause damage. It’s all in the dosage. You need a tiny amount, and if your skin is sensitive you need to look out for the gentler forms of retinol.


Myth 3: Lectins are really bad for you.

Lectins are protein molecules found in almost all vegetables. They’re the plant’s protection mechanism, so yes, they may upset your digestive system if eaten raw. And yes, some lectins are toxic, like the ones found in red kidney beans (phytohaemagglutinin) – which is why you should NEVER EAT A RAW BEAN!


But lately everyone’s been talking about how bad all lectins are for you, and how “dangerous” it may be to eat plants.


Let’s get real.


There’s no way eating a wholefoods plant-based diet is ever dangerous. It’s the most natural way of eating. What’s more, most lectins are destroyed by cooking.


Myth 4: Juicing is better than smoothies.

Juices are great, but smoothies are better. Mother Nature created the whole fruit – when you juice you take out so many of the healing nutrients, like the fiber, which keeps your digestive system ticking over nicely. It’s important to eat the whole plant, and smoothies help you do exactly that. Smoothies win.


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What you’ll learn in Episode 200:

  • The jaw dropping beauty fact Sophie shared with Oprah and Julia Roberts
  • Why women are unstoppable
  • The natural ingredient to get rid of brown spots and scars
  • One superfood powder that’s super high in Vitamin C
  • A $0.20 DIY serum to banish sun spots
  • The best type of vitamin C for sensitive skin
  • The common cleansing habit that may be causing your breakouts
  • Why your emotional vibration affects your skin
  • Sophie’s review of laser skin therapy, microneedling and the PRP facial
  • Why to never, EVER use an old-fashioned oil burner
  • How Sophie recovered from second degree burns on her face without any plastic surgery


Our favorite moments:

@6:20 That’s when the magic happens.

@12:03 There’s so much power in there.

@31:45 What made Leslie’s face turn purple after just one use?

@59:40 Where’s the broccoli lobby?

@1:00:01 Why it’s DEFINITELY cheaper to eat plant-based.





Gorgeous for Good Weekend Intensive with Sophie Uliano; June 9th & 10th

Busting myths is one of the steps you can take to get gorgeous for good. But if you’ve never quite been able to stick to those healthy habits long-term, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.


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This is a beautifully nourishing and supporting retreat, where you will be surrounded by like-minded women. You will make soul-connections that will last a lifetime.


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