199: The Secrets to Revolutionizing Your Workouts and Losing Weight Naturally


We all want to be fit.


But who wants to go to a gym every day? And what if lifting weights actually bulks you up rather than slims you down? And what if you’re eating the wrong foods before and after a workout?


It’s exhausting trying to figure out the best fitness strategies to lose weight and feel great.


That’s where today’s guests can offer you some invaluable advice. Considering all the theories and practices this power couple have learned, both from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and beyond, we feel safe in saying that what they don’t know about fitness is not worth knowing.


Devon’s wellness story dates back to her late 20’s. Despite being a dancer and appearing slim and healthy, she had a disordered relationship with food, and was pre-diabetic and pre-menopausal: her blood sugar and hormones were completely out of balance.


Through a combination of Gyrotonic training, holistic anti-aging strategies and nutrition, Devon completely healed her Lyme disease, balanced her hormones and now feels healthier than ever.


For Rob, health was just about aesthetics, about looking good. Flash-forward 10 years, and an unfortunate honeymoon photo made Rob realize that his “just work out and don’t worry about the food” theory had resulted in a big gut.


He looked worse than he’d ever looked.


Now, after treating his body with a series of short-term goals, he’s shed 30 pounds and looks 10 years younger!


Together, Rob and Devon are the dynamic duo behind Open Sky Fitness. Their podcast combines expert interviews with in-depth looks at the latest in wellness and workouts. They also offer one on-one coaching and group challenges for people who are really serious about getting fit.


You can get their free book for the secrets to jump-starting your workout in just 3 days here. Or if you have any questions, you can contact Rob and Devon by email at rob@opensky.com or devon@opensky.com.



What you’ll learn in Episode 199:

  • How Devon cleared her Lyme disease within 6 months without antibiotics
  • A revolutionary natural treatment that stimulates your immune system
  • How Rob shed 30 pounds and overhauled his health
  • Tips to lose weight FAST
  • Why you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to lose weight
  • How women should lift to stay lean
  • Adaptation and how it keeps you fat
  • How intermittent fasting can revolutionize your health
  • Best post-workout foods for vegans
  • Number 1 rule for your workouts
  • The 2 exercises you need to do to lose weight


Our favorite moments:

@18:40 Wild West of information?

@22:42 The big weight lifting misconception

@30:02 Listen to your body

@32:30 The secret to good health

@54:10 The cleanest supplement brand?




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