198: Glam Up With Our Favorite Vegan Cruelty Free Organic Make-Up Tips


We all want to be beautiful…but at what cost?


A conventional lipstick might make us pretty for the day, but the buildup of toxic ingredients can have devastating long-term effects on our health.


And what about the cost to animals?


Each year, UP TO A MILLION dogs, rabbits and mice are tortured and die because of our self-care products.


Ericka Rodriguez had worn the same mascara for 10 years before she read the ingredients label and discovered the dark side of her make-up. But finding fun, colorful, organic, vegan and cruelty free alternatives was tough.


So she decided to make her own…and that’s how Axiology was born.


Where most lipsticks contain upwards of 23 ingredients(!), Axiology lipsticks contain around 10, with no scary chemicals in sight. Her products are made from things most of us have in our kitchens or bathrooms: avocado butter, coconut oil, calendula wax, neem oil, elderberry extract. Better still, the packaging is made by a recycled-paper company run by women whose aim is to address the trash issue in Bali.


If you want make-up that’s kind to the animals, the planet and your body, this is it.


Axiology’s ethos is to give women the opportunity to get creative with their make-up without having to worry about toxic ingredients or animal cruelty.


Our favorite vegan, cruelty-free, organic make-up brands and stores:



What you’ll learn in Episode 198:

  • What animal testing actually means
  • Why animal testing is no longer necessary
  • How Axiology is helping clean up the environment
  • Why some vegan products aren’t cruelty free
  • One surprisingly disgusting ingredient to avoid
  • What to look out for in a cruelty free brand
  • The best place for digital nomads and co-working
  • The scary truth about fragrance


Our favorite moments:

@8:20 Putting lipstick on a pig

@13:15 WHO went vegan??

@22:05 We want women to feel good



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