197: Taking the Vegan Movement by Storm & Creating Social Change through TV shows, Instagram and Events


Did you know that eating vegan for one day saves one animal a day?

Asher Brown learned this at 9 years old, when he realized that if he could know what a cow might want, it would not want to be eaten. After that day, he’d never eat meat again.


It wasn’t easy being the only vegetarian in his family; his mom worried he might never grow up big and strong without meat (a common assumption among non-vegetarians). But his parents supported him throughout, and at 20 he went one step further, going from vegetarian to vegan.


However, like many of us, he was an apologetic vegan. He didn’t want to make others uncomfortable, didn’t want to be the odd one out or the “awkward” guy at the dinner table.


But then he got hired to make videos for Beyond Meat.


From there he discovered Vegan Instagram, and that he was part of a group of millions of vegans around the world, standing up for the animals in all that they did. He was far from being alone in his veganism, or from being the only one who had to have awkward dinner conversations.


That sparked his move out of the shadows of apologetic veganism and into the light of bold, confident vegan activism.


Asher began speaking at conferences, connecting with other vegans, and working for vegan brands.


All of this action resulted in Brown’s own company, Pollution TV, a content agency that works solely with ethical companies and conscious brands to spread vegan awareness and lead social change. He’s also recently launched a plant-based cooking show with a very unique approach: High Cuisine, where two cannabis-infused chefs cook up vegan dishes, with some surprising results! You can watch the show for free on Go90.com (you know you want to check it out…).


Asher Brown teaches us that being plant-powered isn’t about what you’re giving up, but about what you’re getting in return. We can do so much good in the world, but it comes down to what we choose to put on our plates each and every day.


Choosing plants over meat makes a difference. Asher says, if you care about the world, your health, having enough food to feed the entire planet, social justice: eat more plants. Simple.


Your diet is your chance every day to reflect on yourself, your body, your surroundings. It’s more than just about your meal, it’s about the wider world.



What you’ll learn in Episode 197:

  • Why RIGHT NOW is the best time to change your diet
  • The movie that is going to shake everything up
  • How Asher went from biologist to filmmaker
  • How to raise healthy kids
  • How to avoid being a junk food vegan
  • The scary truth about why you keep eating junk food
  • The shocking facts about marshmallows
  • How to take your health to the next level
  • Clothing: the next vegan frontier
  • How animal sanctuaries help future generations be more compassionate
  • How Asher avoided cholesterol lowering drugs with a natural approach


Our favorite moments:

@6:55 What “High Cuisine” really means

@12:24 My spin is plant-based

@20:53 All the action is vegan

@26:15 We need a broccoli lobby!

@35:06 Goat yoga?

@44:01 Vegan is the greatest party on earth

@48:57 Life is a big party


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