196: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit with Wellness Goddess Candice Kumai


If you want your mind, body, and spirit at peak health, golden girl of the wellness world Candice Kumai has a message just for you!


She is a:

  • Classically Trained Chef
  • Model
  • Journalist
  • TV Host
  • Best-Selling Author


That’s right. And she didn’t wear all these hats just for fun. She’s on a mission to make sure everything she does helps to bridge the gap between the West and traditional Japanese culture.


Brought up in a Japanese-Polish household, Candice was always fascinated by cooking and bringing people of all types together with food. She paid her way through culinary school with modeling, before eventually appearing on Top Chef.


And that was in 2006.


Now she’s an internationally acclaimed author, wellness influencer, and a living, breathing example of how to live and be well…while running a business (and major brand) in the city.


Magazines make a lot of promises (“Better Sex Now”, “Washboard Abs Tomorrow”)…but these things only work in the short term. A better overall life comes from sharing, being open-hearted, self-love, kindness, doing your best and celebrating imperfections.


And that’s what Kintsugi Wellness, Candice’s new book, is all about.




It literally means “the art of golden repair.” In Japanese tradition, when you break an object you put it back together with lacquer and gold dust, and make it even more beautiful as a piece of art. As Candice shows in her book and on the podcast, the same is true of ourselves. Candice has based her entire book on this principle as well as several other wellness tips rooted in her Japanese heritage.


It’s a perfectly imperfect guide to nourishing your whole youmind, body and spirit.


We are more beautiful with our cracks showing—all the tough times we’ve been through, struggles, painful relationships, illness. These cracks are the scars that show our beauty as a person who has lived. We can heal those scars through living and loving. When you cultivate self-love, everything falls into place. Whatever you want to achieve begins with loving yourself.


Kintsugi Wellness drops on April 17th, and you can pre-order here. The book contains 12 Japanese principles to help shape your life and over 40 delicious, healthy Japanese-Californian recipes. A perfect gift for a friend or for yourself!



What you’ll learn in Episode 196:

  • How to implement the spark of change
  • Super easy ways to cook Asian food
  • The one thing you need to reach for your goals
  • Why you need to travel to Japan right now!
  • One healthy living tip you can start today
  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • How to lovingly separate from a partner
  • Candice’s tips for healthy living as a wellness-preneur
  • How to Live to 100 and thrive
  • Best Japanese lifestyle tips


Food Heals Nation Q&A:

Can you recommend a healthy, natural shampoo and conditioner?

  • EO Shampoo and Conditioner: we love their products, and their shampoos are gluten-free.
  • Taking diatomaceous earth (silica) supplements helps keep your hair super strong and healthy.
  • Think Dirty App: scan the barcode and it’ll give you a rating to help you choose natural, toxin-free products.


Our favorite moments:

@17:15 We can Kintsugi the whole world

@37:25 I love doing bad things

@40:33 Conscious uncoupling

@43:15 Disney lied!

@52:02 Health is our greatest gift





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