195: Steve Olsher on Releasing Blocks, Finding Your Purpose & Creating The Life You Love


Steve Olsher is a bad-ass entrepreneur who’s done nearly everything, even selling speakers out of a van. Motivated by the deep desire to stop simply chasing dollars and start creating positive change, he’s become…


…a best-selling author, podcaster, radio host, and speaker, appearing on many media channels, including CNN and Huffington Post.


His book What is Your What uncovers the strategies to find your soul’s true calling. He starts by breaking down the key difference between:


-Your “why” (something you choose – provide for the family, help the homeless, support the environment, etc.)

-Your “what” (something that chooses you – most internal part of you that can never be taken away)


From there, Steve Olsher gives the specific strategies you’ll need to figure out what your “what” is, including the three key questions you MUST ask yourself:


What is your core gift?

What primary vehicle are you going to use to share that gift?

Who are the people you’re most compelled to serve?


With the above (and a few other pieces of advice Steve gives in the podcast), you’ll have the tools to go out into the world and make a difference with your unique talents. Go to the website to download your free copy!


Steve was motivated to launch the New Media Summit because he wanted to help those with a great story reach out to more people. This incredible conference is all about how to leverage the power of new media; it gives new entrepreneurs and coaches the opportunity to meet 40 of the world’s biggest podcasters and get a spot booked on their shows.


Whether you’re a podcaster looking for new stories, or an author who wants to reach a wider audience, the New Media Summit is the perfect place to network and grow your business. It’s limited to 150 people so you get some personal time with all major influencers.


And this year, EVERYONE gets a chance to pitch everyone – this really is an incredible opportunity to expand your brand.


Allison was honored to be one of New Media Summit’s Icons of Influence last year. Many of the guests on our show have come from the event. If you want the opportunity to pitch to influencers this year, then don’t miss out! The next one is less than two weeks away, plus we’ve scored a huge discount code for you. Go to www.foodhealsnation.com/newmediasummit to sign up, or email info@foodhealsnation.com for more information.


This is THE event for networking and connecting with like-minded people, plus dancing (how about the wobble on a 400-sq.ft lit-up dancefloor?) and, of course, plenty of drinks.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets and join us.


What you’ll learn in episode 195:

  • The one thing you have to do before you die (you may be surprised!)
  • Top reasons why you need to be at the New Media Summit
  • Steve’s heart wrenching wake-up moment
  • What to do if you feel like there’s more to life than this
  • The unexpected reason you’re not happy
  • The key steps to find your “what”
  • How to deal with indecisiveness
  • Reclaim the Canyon Principle
  • How to unearth your unique gift
  • How to break free of self-imposed limitations
  • Are you a critic or a creator?
  • Can we be anything we want to be?



Our favorite moments:

@6:55 What really puts fire in Steve’s soul?

@16:30 What happened when the LSD wore off

@25:25 We literally have the power to reinvent our lives in this moment and every moment

@55:30 Everyone has something to teach





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