193: Self-Love, Transforming Your Mindset, Releasing Limiting Beliefs & Living Your Best Life


What are you telling yourself day in, day out? Your thoughts shape your reality, and most of us think critical, negative, painful thoughts on a regular basis. It’s time to change that; time to release the emotions that keep us stuck in a cycle of pain; time to step into the life we’ve always dreamed of. Listen now!


Mindset expert Jolen Philbrook is a survivor. She overcame cancer TWICE. First a rare type of breast cancer, then kidney cancer. And at the same time, she was fighting a custody battle with no income. How did she keep going and get through it all? One word: mindset. Now, having survived, she shares her wisdom to help women live their greatest life. She’s a transformational coach and best-selling author of the Gratitude Book Project, and Tears to Triumph. She created the Breakthrough to Prosperity formula to help women clear their emotions and live in an abundant mindset. Her podcast the Inner Abundant Mindset is the go-to show for everything from healing relationships to clearing chakras!


Joie Cheng is a self-love transformation queen, bestselling author, speaker, coach and energy healer, on a mission to inspire women to stop living on auto-pilot and awaken to the life they’ve always wanted. Like Jolen, Joie is a survivor: she overcame her parent’s messy divorce, two near-death experiences, a battle with depression, an abusive relationship, and both her parents’ deaths. But through these experiences, she was able to grow her intuition, heal herself naturally and rebuild her life. She’s the author of The Naked Truth: A Woman’s Journey to Self-Love. Joie has a special gift for Food Heals listeners: the 7-Day Self-Love Challenge – start your journey to self-love and change your life!


Top Tips to Shift Your Mindset:

  • Make the decision: decide you are going to take your power back.
  • Stop talking about the problem: talking about it just keeps you stuck in that painful emotion. Talk about the solution instead—where do you want to be?
  • Counteract your negative thoughts with something positive: say it three times in a row.
  • Get into the feeling of abundance: wear your best clothes, your prettiest shoes, do your hair, strike a power pose.
  • Anytime you hear yourself talking negative, just stop midstream. Tell yourself that whatever that thought is not true. Then state your new belief.
  • Find your community – there’s a powerful effect to people coming together for a common purpose
  • Write down the things you love about yourself.
  • Embrace your darkness, those parts of yourself you don’t like.
  • Write down what you are grateful for right now – stop focusing on what’s lacking in your life and instead concentrate on what you have.
  • Mirror work: Get yourself in front of the mirror and tell yourself how much you love and appreciate yourself.



What you’ll learn in Episode 193:

  • How your emotions could be making you sick
  • The link between anger and cancer
  • The secret formula to banish negative beliefs for good
  • A technique that will get your through any tough situation
  • How to recognize and release grief and stop it keeping you stuck
  • How to overcome depression without pills
  • A simple trick to shift your beliefs
  • Are we meant to be monogamous?
  • A super powerful practice that will reset your mind
  • How self-love can beat depression
  • A story Suzy has never shared with Food Heals Nation before now!
  • How to free yourself from needing make-up all the time
  • Diet tips to support a happy mindset



Our favorite moments:

@18:42 The five second rule

@23:10 Power shoes

@29:30 How to talk to animals

@46:00 How can you NOT love yourself?

@49:55 Joie’s tips to get through sadness

@54:35 Life ain’t a Disney movie!








Sex at Dawn


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