192: The Truth About Toxins in Your Skincare, Tips For Glowing Skin, & How Worms Might Be the Key to Health


Growing up in Romania, Andrea was surrounded by Europe’s most gorgeous women who taught her the secret to perfect skin: oils! She gained expert understanding of what makes skin glow thanks to her 8 years as a cosmetic surgical intern. Paired with her philosophy of simplicity and good health, she created an ethical, raw, organic and unprocessed skincare range with her husband Cameron: Apothecary 90291 was born!


Our skin is our biggest organ. And yet every day the average American woman comes into contact with over 500 different chemicals: from make-up, shower gel, laundry liquids, clothes, moisturizer, etc. Heavy metals, plastics, pesticides—all these go into your body. They might be trace amounts, but every day they bio-accumulate in tissues and cells, and can eventually lead to chronic health problems.


It’s crazy to think that while in Europe over 1,600 skincare chemicals are banned or heavily regulated, only 30 are (partially) banned in the United States! Why isn’t our government protecting us from these toxins? Cameron’s answer: Follow the money. Who’s profiting from this?


The same goes for the medical profession. Cameron had to stand up to doctors who tried to force him and even trick him into having unnecessary surgery. But thanks to his wife, he was able to find a treatment plan that was right for him and learn about other less-invasive options… and one of the natural treatments involves worms! Tune in to find out more!


Tips for cleaning up your skincare:

  • If you can’t read or pronounce the ingredients, avoid it
  • Avoid mineral oils (they’re petroleum based)
  • Avoid fragrance oils (they’re extracted through hexane, a toxic chemical)
  • Stick to steam distilled essential oils and plant-based oils
  • Buy from farm-to-face companies




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What you’ll learn in Episode 192:

  • The crazy number of chemicals you may be coming into contact with
  • Why we’re in the middle of a huge pollinating crisis and how the Farm to Face movement can help
  • The acne-preventative chemical that causes autoimmune disease
  • Why water-based moisturizers could be harming your health
  • Why oils are good for your skin, even if your skin is oily
  • The role of pharmaceutical reps and how this impacts the health system
  • The worm eggs that could heal your health
  • Have we cleaned ourselves into ill health?



Our favorite moments:

@30:10 Nose snob

@38:18 It’s a privilege to age

@49:00 Cam’s horrifying doctor malpractice story

@1:12:05 Best way to use oil on your face








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