191: Strength for Parents of Missing Children: Surviving Abduction & Discovering Your Resilience


The loss of a child is one of the most unimaginable experiences a parent can go through. And that’s exactly what happened to Marie White. Three and a half years ago, her toddler was abducted. As of this writing, her child is still missing. This tragic occurrence is more common than you might think, in fact, 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States – that’s roughly 2,000 per day. This can destroy families, lead to failed marriages and often lead to suicide.


But today’s interview is a tale of resilience.


Marie has not seen her child in almost four years. And yet, instead of sinking into despair, Marie turned her pain into her purpose. Noticing that there were no resources to help people like her, she decided to be a beacon of light for parents who had lost their child, whether through divorce, illness, or abduction. She started a YouTube channel and has written five books dedicated to helping parents back to strength after trauma, including the best seller Strength for Parents of Missing Children.


Head to Marie’s website and grab yourself a free copy of Changing Your Life in Just 10 Days.



What you’ll learn in Episode 191:

  • Why Marie decided to share her story
  • How to stop traumatic thoughts ruling your life
  • Why it’s OK not to be OK
  • Marie’s simple tips to let go of unbearable sadness
  • A mood boosting superfood you probably already have in your kitchen
  • How to move through the stages of grief and loss
  • The best thing to say to someone going through trauma (and what NOT to say!)


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Grief Share





Our favorite moments:

@6:15 I actually got chills

@7:54 This is a spiritual battle

@17:54 It’s OK to not be OK

@21:12 Pass the Ben & Jerry’s

@26:23 Change happens when pain happens

@39:10 Suck it up and press on


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