190: How To Cure Cancer Naturally & How Big Pharma Hides The Truth With Jeff Witzeman


Three years ago, Jeff’s wife was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer. She was told her life would change forever: surgery, chemo, radiation, a life without an essential organ. They decided not to take the doctor’s word for it, and traveled to Germany to treat the cancer naturally. Juicing, plant-based meals, hyperthermia (targeted heat therapy), oxygen therapy, intravenous vitamins, minerals and amino acids, colonics—it was like a spa, with a difference. Within 30 days, she was completely cancer free. Listen now!


She’s not an isolated case. Natural cancer therapies have an 80 to 90% success rate. And yet, when Jeff went to the newspapers to share this story and inspire hope, he was turned down time after time. Western medicine is a business, and it can’t profit from a natural cure for cancer. The system is rigged to support big pharma: in the US, clinical trials are only performed on drugs, alternative therapies are never tested. The only cancer treatments to get any major media airtime are pharmaceutical options. Jeff didn’t let that stop him, he made the film Cancer Can Be Killed to share the truth about healing cancer. It will also be shown at the Sonoma International Film Festival in March.


And the truth is that curing cancer is a journey. It’s not as simple as just eating this food or taking this supplement. Cancer is a manifestation of things being out of balance—that could be your diet, your emotions, past trauma, not standing up for yourself, constant self-criticism, unexpressed anger. Healing must involve mind, body and spirit.


Natural Ways to Kill Cancer

  • Hyperthermia: cancer cells can’t survive above 105 degrees. By simply heating the area where the tumor is, you can kill the cancer cells. This treatment has a 90% success rate. Some US providers will do it, you can also go to Mexico or Germany to have the treatment.
  • Remove toxicity from your life: unresolved conflict and unaddressed emotional issues block your body from detoxing, which creates the perfect environment for cancer. Look at where your life is out of balance—food, relationships, career, self-criticism, pent-up emotions—and take time to heal.
  • Go on a plant-based diet: create an alkaline environment in your body by filling your plate with plenty of vegetables, beans, fruits, probiotics, and fermented foods.
  • Clean up your diet: Get off sugar, red meat, processed foods and anything fizzy.
  • Find out what’s going on: If you know what’s going on in your body, you can treat it. RGCC testing will show you which substances work with your immune system to kill your cancer cells.
  • Take care of your teeth: One of the major causes of cancer is root canals. They cut off the tooth’s blood and nerve supplies, and eventually it becomes gangrenous and infected. Because the immune system is focused on the tooth, the rest of the body gets neglected, and cancer can develop. It’s best to take the tooth out.
  • Natural therapies: Coffee enemas, infrared saunas.



What you’ll learn in Episode 190:

  • A natural therapy that zaps cancer cells
  • How the FDA stands in the way of natural cancer treatments
  • The big secret about Ronald Reagan
  • A test so accurate traditional doctors don’t want it
  • The eye-popping truth about chemo
  • The two major causes of cancer (and they’re not what you might think!)
  • Which character traits make you more prone to cancer
  • Why bottling up emotions might be putting you at higher risk of cancer
  • The scary truth about the US medical system
  • The herbal remedy that stops cancer in its tracks
  • How Allison healed her dog Jackson completely naturally



Our favorite moments:

@8:21 Your lives are going to change forever.

@13:43 It works!

@41:50 Throw the kitchen sink at cancer!

@50:01 Healing is a journey.




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