189: Valentine’s Day Special: Secrets to Attracting Your Soulmate & Tapping Into Your Sacred Sexuality


Today’s guest is Emunah Malinovitz, a relationship coach, intuitive healer, and founder of the Sacred Love Academy. We couldn’t think of anyone better to celebrate Valentine’s Day with us! She believes everyone has the right to feel true, soulful, juicy, connective love, and is on a mission to help us attract that into our lives.


Emunah knew that there had to be more to relationships than what she had previously experienced. She spent 20 years researching, studying and traveling the world to learn the secrets to long-lasting love. She discovered the key to falling in love with herself, the universe, and nature, and unlocking the magic of authentic relationships.


Maybe you also feel that there is more to love. Perhaps you’re still looking for that perfect mate, or maybe you feel unsupported by your partner. The first step to finding true love is accepting that the kind of love portrayed in films and fairy-tales simply doesn’t exist. We’re told we must find the person who “completes” us, but the truth is that we need to feel complete in ourselves in order to attract our soulmate. We need to learn how to fall in love with ourselves and surrender to the love of the universe, in order to invite blissful relationships into our lives.


Emunah’s tips for tuning into love:

  • Let go of fear. We guard our hearts because we are afraid of pain and hurt, but when we do this we cannot let love in. Honor your past wounds, heal them, and create a safe space for love.
  • Put out the right vibration. A closed heart attracts a closed heart. An open heart attracts an open heart.
  • Heal your sexual energy. Experiencing pleasure is part of our birth-right. When you consciously connect and make love, you’re sending that energy out into the universe. Reconnect with your sacred sexuality.
  • The more willing we are to love, the more the universe will support us. Be willing to let love into your life.
  • Start by loving yourself. Don’t pine for someone else’s attention, give yourself what you need.


Emunah’s tips to reconnect with your partner on Valentine’s Day

  • Forget the hustle of eating out and keep it simple instead; order in or cook together.
  • Make time to connect with your partner: no cell phones, no tv, no to-do lists.
  • Sit in front of each other and breathe together; synchronize your breath, look into each other’s eyes and be present. This alone is a hugely powerful practice. Begin to open your heart. Choose to be open, to let your partner in, to be vulnerable.
  • Hold the space for safe sharing. Tell your partner something you appreciate about them, something you find attractive, a fantasy you have. Then have them tell you.
  • Practice sacred orgasmic meditation.


The divine feminine is powerful in her sex and in her heart. In ancient cultures sexuality was honored. Now we’re repressed, sex is mainstream, we’re ashamed of our genitals. It’s time to heal those wounds and come back to our sacredness.


If you’re ready for deep meaningful connected love, Emunah’s one-on-one and group coaching programs will help you do the deep work to heal your relationship past, open your heart, and attract the perfect partner. Hot Love That Lasts for Couples is an online program that launches just in time for Valentine’s Day. Click here to get your free gift: 3 keys to sacred love that lasts. Now is the perfect time to begin!



What you’ll learn in Episode 189:

  • What kind of energy attracts relationships into your life
  • One thing to do right now to attract your soul partner
  • How to find love without losing yourself
  • How to save your relationship
  • A two-minute practice to feel connected and supported
  • How to reconnect with your partner
  • A simple strategy to resolve conflict
  • How to know when it’s time to leave a relationship
  • The golden rule for clitoris stimulation (think butterfly!)
  • A powerful bonding practice that will bring you and your partner closer
  • The secrets to hot love that lasts



Our favorite moments:

@4:55 That’s the golden ticket!

@10:23 No wonder we have so many problems in our relationships!

@16:55 We’ve never done this on the podcast before!

@19:02 Be more generous with sex!

@21:32 That’s where the juiciness is!

@23:44 Hot sacred love that lasts.

@25:20 Good advice for all your relationships.

@31:02 It’s going to get dirty.

@35:04 This really is the key.





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