188: Change Your Water, Transform Your Health, and Build Your Network with Travis Chappell


We are 70% water. If the water we drink is toxic, of course our health suffers! The average tap water contains a cocktail of chemicals: pesticides, plastics, chlorine and fluoride, to name but a few. Today’s guest, Travis Chappell, is at the forefront of a movement for clean, pure, healthy water. Listen now!


Travis was always pretty active, playing several hours of basketball every day when he was in college. But when he started doing door-to-door sales, his health deteriorated. He gained 40 pounds, and was constantly suffering with aches, pains, and various health issues. And one day, he couldn’t fit into 38-inch trousers—he knew something had to change. That’s when he bought a water filtration system, and started drinking a gallon a day and going to the gym. Eighteen months later, he’d lost 60 pounds and 6 inches off his waist. Water changed the way Travis thought about health, and now he’s on a mission to help others transform their wellbeing through the water they drink.


There’s a direct correlation between water and health. Our modern diets are acidic, even the air we breathe is acidic. The body produces fat cells to neutralize the acidity that it simply isn’t equipped to deal with. It also stores toxins from water, food and environment in our adipose (fat) tissue. Result: weight gain. But when you drink filtered, alkaline water, you change your body’s pH and help it to detox, which means it doesn’t need to produce extra fat cells, and you naturally lose weight. What’s more, alkaline water contains a higher number of negative ions—powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and keep you younger.


Now you might be thinking, “Well, this doesn’t apply to me, I buy bottled water.” But what about the water you cook with, the water you shower in? The crazy thing is that in a 10-minute shower, you absorb the same amount of chemicals that you would if you were to drink 8 glasses of that water! And it’s actually worse, because when you drink water, your kidneys and liver have a chance to filter out some of the toxins. When it’s absorbed through your skin, all those chemicals go directly into your bloodstream.


So, what’s the answer? The first step is to get your water checked to find out exactly what you’re dealing with. Travis’s company Revive Water carries out water testing, and specializes in designing water systems tailored to your unique needs. And if you’re renting, no worries—you can take the system with you when you move! Click here for more info!


Travis is also a dear friend and fellow podcaster. He was inspired by John Lee Dumas to start his own podcast about something he’s super passionate about: networking. If you want to be successful, you need to surround yourself with successful people. And if you want to become an entrepreneur and wave goodbye that that office cubicle, then you need to reach out to like-minded people, to your network. A great place to start learning how to do just that is Travis’s podcast, Build Your Network. We think it’s a fantastic resource for anyone thinking of starting their own business, so check it out!


What you’ll learn in Episode 188:

  • The best place to get your news (no talking heads!)
  • How filtered water will change your life
  • How long it takes for chemicals to reach your bloodstream
  • The frightening facts about tap water
  • The surprising power of cod liver oil
  • The best water filter you can buy
  • How to turn your water from toxic soup to antioxidant elixir
  • Why it’s important to invest in your network
  • The greatest thing Travis learned from door to door sales
  • How podcasting will open doors in your life
  • Is it who you know, or what you know?
  • How to get into conferences for free
  • How to use Facebook groups the right way
  • The two core skills you need to build your tribe



Our favorite moments:

@6:30 The best definition of entrepreneur we’ve ever heard!

@16:29 You don’t have to torture yourself to be healthy

@21:00 The crazy thing about showers

@42:18 If you want to be successful, you need to…

@58:52 Now is the shift!








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