180: Stop Overeating, Cure Asthma Naturally & Create a Life You Love with Biz Women Rock’s Katie Krimitsos


Growing up, Katie’s family, like many, showed love through big portions of low-quality food. During her childhood, Katie was an athlete, exercising up to 6 hours a day and eating whatever she wanted. However, once she got to college, she gained 60 pounds. She fell in love with feminism and used it to present a mask of not caring about her weight. Deep down she wasn’t happy with her body and her relationship with food became dysfunctional.  Suffering from a combination of overeating, bulimia, and exercisorexia, her days were focused around working out, eating food and avoiding food.  She was able to overcome her eating disorder thank to the Overeaters Anonymous 12-step program. Listen now!


Katie learned that freedom isn’t as much about not having any boundaries, but more about creating boundaries that help you be the best version of yourself.


Early in her life, Katie wanted to make a big impact. Passionate about life and wanting to live big, she now uses her business to do just that. She married her two interests – business and raising women up – to create Biz Women Rock, a resource provider and podcast that helps entrepreneurial women grow their business and live a life of freedom and purpose.


Her podcast is one of our personal favorites and provides the tools you need to create the business of your dreams. Her private Facebook group is a hub for businesswomen from all over the world to share their ups and downs, advice, masterminds and more. You’ll also find all the details for Katie’s transformational events. Join her at her Business Retreat in a luxury mansion in Orlando from December 1-3 or see Katie (and Allison) live at Podfest MultiMedia Expo on February  8-11 in Orlando (We’ll be there too—get your tickets here!), and Social Media Marketing World in March 2018.


And if you want to watch a beautiful visual image of the podcast movement and why so many of us are choosing this platform to share our message, then check out Katie’s husband, Chris Krimitsos’, beautiful documentary The Messengers.



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What you’ll learn in Episode 180:

  • How Katie started her podcast
  • Katie’s watershed moment
  • The link between relationships and body weight
  • How Katie overcame her eating-disorder
  • Katie’s practical tips to stop cravings ruling your life
  • How to give your kid the healthiest diet
  • How to get past food cravings
  • How to find the middle ground that works best for you
  • Why scales are stupid
  • How to measure your impact on the world
  • Two ways to naturally cure asthma
  • How Suzy reversed her allergy to red wine



Our favorite moments:

@13:45 Adopt don’t shop

@17:55 How to eat at a buffet

@20:09 I was really that girl

@37 34 Stay in my protective bubble!

@43:53 You have to have balance

@46:55 Only you can know where your happy zone is

@55:57 He rebooted me for red wine






The Messengers podcast documentary





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