179: The Most Interesting Facts About Food & Aging We’ve Ever Heard + Thanksgiving Tips


Today we’re back with two VIP guests: Jay and Joy, aka the Jing Slingers. We can’t get enough of these guys! Check out episodes 112 and 151 for their inspiring story.


The Jing Slingers’ mission is to elevate, educate, and illuminate their clients with tonic herbs and superfoods. Their beautiful book Food with Benefits groups together recipes for the foods you love – perfect for the holidays. That means ice cream and donuts, mashed potatoes and gravy, and even eggnog and pecan pie! Food is at the epicenter of what Jay and Joy do, but it’s food with a difference, food that loves you back. Super healthy, super easy, cleverly conscious food that will supercharge your life force! Listen now!


We always preach: eat more plants! But it’s more complex than just “eat kale.” Did you know that many plants contain lectins? These natural plant-producing proteins stop certain insects and humans from eating them but can also cause inflammation. Some of the foods highest in lectins also happen to be the highest in antioxidants, too, like tomatoes, quinoa, goji berries, eggplant, which can seem confusing! But don’t worry. Jay and Joy share the secrets to removing lectins from foods and getting the most nutritional benefits from any plant. The magic is in the preparation!


Tune in and discover how you can have a healthy Thanksgiving, stick to your plant-based diet and avoid the dreaded muffin top!


The Jing Slingers’ top tips to prevent colds and flus during the holidays:

  • Activated charcoal binds toxins out of the intestinal tract.
  • Vitamin D3 helps your t-cells fight infections and viruses.
  • Mitolife DHA oil supports your immune system.
  • DNA detox rids your body of toxins and heavy metals so that you can feel strong, awake and revitalized.


Holiday Gift Guide:

If you’re into detoxing, or have a friend or loved one who’s into it, then we’ve scored the PERFECT discount code for you. The Jing Slingers have created the DNA Detox, an aqueous Zeolite solution that gets right into your mitochondria to detox your body at a cellular level. Zeolite is used in hazardous situations to mop up toxic spills and make sure they don’t contaminate the soil or ground water. Jay and Joy have formulated it into a product you can safely take to pull toxins, mercury, heavy metals, and even glyphosate, out of your cells. We use it, and it WORKS. So if you want to start 2018 looking and feeling amazing, go to foodhealsnation.com/jing and save $5 a bottle when you buy three or more, for a total of $15 off! Makes a great gift for friends & family too!


Stay tuned because Jay and Joy will be back on the podcast in the New Year to share their strategies for your healthiest and most delicious year yet.



What you’ll learn in Episode 179:

  • How to turn dessert into a health food
  • What’s wrong with raw kale
  • Why certain plants cause inflammation and how to avoid it
  • Why eating in season supports your DNA
  • Why factory-farmed meat causes inflammation
  • A simple way to remove lectins from tomatoes
  • The crazy truth about non-organic potatoes
  • Joy’s Nana’s potato cure
  • How vitamin D3 supports your immune system
  • How to use an onion to release toxic emotions
  • Two ingredients that boost sexy time (you’ll be surprised!)
  • How to get glyphosate out of your body
  • The mind-blowing truth about glyphosate and GMOs
  • How organic food can heal gut issues and depression
  • Jay’s #1 recommendation to avoid colds
  • An easy way to boost the vitamin D content of mushrooms
  • How light affects your hormones
  • Which supplements to take for anti-aging and immunity



Our favorite moments:

@8:50 Jing-lato – ice cream with a twist

@13:35 I have a kale problem

@32:46 How to prepare quinoa

@33:23 Good culinary news!

@38:59 That sounds sexy

@47:27 Better, stronger, faster, smarter









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