178: Gorgeously Green Tips for a Healthy, Happy Thanksgiving with Sophie Uliano


It’s almost Thanksgiving — an exciting time of year to be grateful for what you have. But it can also be a stressful time for many. The holidays can be full of triggers — family, food, grief — sparked by an uncle whose politics you deplore, being tempted by unhealthy dishes, or the memory of lost loved ones who used to share the holidays with you.


These gatherings can be so emotionally charged that they can destroy your health goals —raising your stress level and leading you to having that third helping of pecan pie. You’re not alone. Today, we’re deep-diving into the emotional triggers the holidays can bring up with special guest, Sophie Uliano, to help you have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving. After all, this is the time for gratitude, togetherness, and love. Listen now!


Sophie Uliano’s Tips for a Healthy Happy Thanksgiving

Sophie’s mission is to help you feel amazing in your own skin and be excited about who you are. We are delighted our Gorgeously Green girlfriend shared some of her favorite Thanksgiving tips to help keep your vibration high this holiday season:


  • Be prepared on every front. If you’re going into a difficult family situation, spend a few days getting ready. Anticipate what might happen and decide how you will react. Journaling is extremely helpful to begin the process of letting go of those feelings.
  • If you’re going away for a few days, pack some healthy treats to take with you (granola, healthy smoothie mix, nuts, almond milk, etc.).
  • Remember what the holidays are about: It’s about love and spending time with people you care about and being grateful for the good in your life.


Underneath the triggers, stress, and possible arguments, we’re all one. We are human beings and we all want to be loved. So let’s give some love and gratitude during the holidays! Stay tuned because Sophie will be back for our New Year special episode to talk about how you can detox your home with organic and natural products.


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What you’ll learn in Episode 178:

  • Sophie Uliano’s tips for a happy healthy Thanksgiving
  • Making sure everyone feels loved this Thanksgiving
  • How to use journaling to prepare for the holidays (and how long it takes to release those negative emotions)
  • How to change your mindset from anger to love
  • Strategies to accept and let go of toxic thoughts
  • And more!


Our favorite moments:

@13:28 The health nut

@15:52 How can I help you help me?

@18:08 It’s all about preparation

@21:54 That’s the magic key!

@23:01 You are the sky that the clouds pass through

@48:10 All about love




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