177: How to be a Voice and Advocate for Animals with Activist, Nathan Runkle


Every second, 300 animals are killed for food. These animals are the ghosts of our food machine. Tortured, exploited, abused and murdered, farm animals are voiceless and unable to defend themselves which is why we need to stand up for them. That’s exactly what today’s guest, Nathan Runkle, has dedicated his life to doing. Listen now!


No one would stand by and watch a puppy or kitten get slammed head first into the ground yet that’s exactly what happens to piglets. It’s considered a standard agricultural practice and as such, is exempt from animal cruelty charges. The law doesn’t provide protection for “food animals” however, the only difference between pets and animals for slaughter is our perception. Some are simply unfortunate enough to be born as a species that society says doesn’t matter.


Nathan grew up on a farm in a small town. At 15 years old, after witnessing the brutal murder of a piglet, he founded Mercy for Animals. He started by carrying out open rescues: going into farms’ undercover and rescuing injured animals. Trawling through manure pits, witnessing first-hand the cruel conditions, and investigating the horror of slaughterhouses made him even more determined to give animals a voice and drive positive change in the world.


Today, Mercy for Animals is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to animal rights and putting an end to the cruel and unsustainable factory farming industry. Let’s face it, slaughterhouses don’t have a place in a humane, peaceful world. In order for us to survive as a species, we need to switch to a plant-based diet.


The good news is that on top of a growing vegan movement, cellular agriculture is growing quickly—it won’t be too long before clean meat (meat without murder) makes it to supermarket shelves!


Nathan has just written a book entitled “Mercy for Animals” to inspire people to take action on behalf of farm animals. It tells the story of the unsung heroes of the animal advocacy movement who risk their lives, physical safety and emotional wellbeing to shine a light in some of the darkest places in our society. This book will empower you and show you how you can make a difference to animals and help create a kinder, more sustainable world.


Get involved! Here are some of Nathan’s tips for animal advocacy:


  • How you can live your own values to the fullest? How can you embody loving compassion and respect?
  • Adopt a vegan diet—it’s the best thing to do to help the planet and the animals.
  • How can you be more proactive in driving change?
    • Get involved in animal rights: animals can’t lobby for new laws; we need to do that for them. Check out Mercy for Animals for initiatives.
    • Use social media to spread information, hold companies accountable, and demand change.
    • Find your own unique voice; use your own perspective and talents to drive change for animals.
    • Make donations. Money is energy. Taking on the 1 trillion-dollar global meat industry takes resources. Animal rights organizations need support.


What you’ll learn in Episode 177:

  • The watershed moment that led Nathan to start Mercy for Animals
  • The link between slaughterhouses and crime rates
  • Why self-care is vital for animal advocates
  • Why the animal rights movement needs to be rooted in love and kindness
  • How innovation will save our future
  • Why slaughterhouse meat is “dirty”
  • What clean meat tastes like
  • Why vegan food increases compassion
  • An incredible story of animal bravery and heroism
  • The similarity between LGBT rights and animal rights
  • The many ways you can have a positive impact on the planet


Our favorite moments:

@19:20 There’s a lot of love and joy and light and beauty

@21:10 Make the world a better place

@27:30 World’s first clean meatball

@40:35 What matters to you in life?

@44:24 Separation is an illusion

@57:11 A lot of hustle




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