176: Halloween Special: Wellness Warriors Share Bewitching Stories of the Supernatural


Welcome to our special Halloween episode! Join wellness-preneurs Eco-Vegan GalWhitney LauritsenEaternity’s, Jason Wrobel, and I Vegan You’s, Nicole Derseweh, as they share their experiences of the supernatural! Listen now!


We spent last Halloween together and Nicole rocked the make-up brushes to make us all look totally dope!


We’re fascinated by the paranormal and the unexplainable. This is the perfect time of year to ask what you believe in. Do we really know who we are, where we came from? Do you believe in spirits, in aliens? We do! Quantum physics show that our brains can only detect a very small fraction of the reality that is available. This reality isn’t the only reality, and these bodies aren’t the only manifestation of our souls.

Each of our Wellness Warriors has had real experiences with spirits and beings from other dimensions. Jason once woke up to find himself pinned to the couch by invisible forces. Nicole captured a dark energy on camera. Whitney accessed the spirit world in her sleep. Allison connected with loved ones on the other side. There’s definitely something bigger than us, and there’s no better time to share these stories than Halloween!



What you’ll learn in Episode 176:

  • Wellness Warrior best and worst Halloween costumes
  • The best place to go in LA for Halloween
  • Jason’s weird and creepy ghost story
  • Nicole’s surreal goblin story
  • How one Wellness Warrior’s obsession with the Statue of Liberty backfired
  • Whitney’s sleep-walking spiritual experiences
  • Ali’s connection with dark spirits and those who have passed on
  • Why you should never play a Ouija board
  • Nicole’s premonition dream about Brad Pitt



Our favorite moments:

@1:34 Extra tight hugs

@3:40 Highly inappropriate outfit

@7:22 Making a political statement

@12:03 I believe in aliens

@13:44 I’m getting goosebumps

@16:35 You haven’t been probed?

@22:20 What game did Nicole always refuse to play?




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