169: How to Jump-Start Your Fat-Burning Efforts, Boost Your Metabolism and Get Fit Fast


In today’s episode we are thrilled to be taking to two of our favorite fitness experts, Sexy Fit Vegan Ella Magers and Fit2Love’s JJ Flizanes. Listen now!

Voted one of the 50 hottest trainers of American by Shape Magazine, and motivated by her love of animals to make a positive difference in the world, Ella Magers is dedicated to helping people reach their health goals. You might have heard that crunches and sit ups are the best thing for your abs, but these are only a small part of the equation. In fact, in some cases, those exercises might even be damaging your spine. Ella says, the secret to sexy abs is truly all about strengthening your core, cleaning up your diet and filling your plate with nutrient dense plant foods. You don’t need to give up your social life to get abs, you can do it with a balanced lifestyle; you simply need to find what works for you.


Tune in to discover:

  • Why we get tummy fat
  • Best exercises for abs (it’s not what you think!)
  • What your stomach needs to be flat
  • How empty calories impact your body
  • The one life-changing tip for fat burning
  • Ella’s 3 top tips for killer abs
  • How intermittent fasting can help you heal


Give Ella’s Flat Tummy Tabbouleh Salad recipe a try. Super quick to make a nutrient dense, it’s perfect for taking as a packed lunch. You can find other recipes in her book Six Weeks to Sexy Abs Meal Plan.


Flat Tummy Tabbouleh Salad

  • Quinoa
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Diced cucumbers
  • Red onion
  • Bell pepper
  • Italian parsley
  • Mint leaves
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea salt and black pepper
  • Lime juice
  • Salad greens (optional)



Many factors affect our fitness and weight-loss efforts. JJ Flizanes is back on the show to debunk some of the myths surrounding exercise. One myth everyone seems to agree on is that if you simply move or exercise more, you’ll lose weight. But the truth is without a defined strategy and specific goals in mind, the results won’t be all that impressive. You need to challenge your body each time you exercise. What you eat will also affect how your body uses and burns fat. Not all calories are equal, and your body will react to an empty calorie completely differently to a calorie from whole plant food. Listen now.


And beyond diet, your Astrological sign could also affect your fitness—if you’re a water sign and wondering why you’ve always struggled to follow programs that are too structured, it could be because of your creative energy. If you’re an Earth sign you do well with routines, and if you’re a Fire sign you really need to move your body and release that fiery energy.



  • What you’ll learn:
    • Why you need to change up your work out
    • Does cardio really burn fat?
    • How to eat more and still burn fat
    • Why the fat-burning zone might not be so great for burning fat after all
    • Cardio training vs resistance training
    • How to make sure your metabolism doesn’t slow down while you lose weight
    • How your astrological sign affects your workout routine
    • The truth about hot yoga


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Our favorite moments:

@5:27 Fat belly burning machines

@9:38 You can’t outrun your fork

@10:40 How many burpees to burn off 3 Oreos?

@14:06 It changed my life

@18:13 We’re all guilty of it

@20:00 The vegan abs lifestyle

@28:25 What is smart exercise?

@40:29 Your body is a chemistry lab








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