168: Overcoming Panic Attacks and Getting to a Place of Peace with FindingVegan’s Kathy Patalsky


We’ve admired her for a long time and we’re so glad to have her on the show! Kathy Patalsky was inspired by her love of animals and her struggles with an eating disorder to start the vegan food blog HealthyHappyLife over a decade ago.


But as we know, being a successful eco-entrepreneur isn’t always easy. Too much work, no socializing, no time to process emotions. Invariably this affects our physical health. For Kathy, this manifested as asthma flare-ups, exhaustion, depression, and panic attacks. Doctors and naturopaths couldn’t diagnose anything specific. The cause: repressing emotions. Pretending everything is OK. Basically, faking it.


Can you relate? We can! And we need to stop. It’s natural not to want to be judged for feeling sad, or being unable to cope with a crazy workload, or not being “perfect.” But, plastering a smile on your face and saying, “I’m fine” only makes it worse. You need to be vulnerable sometimes, to be gentle with yourself, to reach out to a friend, to give in to what your body is calling out for, whether that’s a hug, a walk in nature, a massage, meditation, or healthy plant-based food. Listen now!


Kathy’s websites HealthyHappyLife and FindingVegan are the perfect places to get inspired to add more vegan goodness to your life. And with the app, you can literally veganize any dish (there are over 116,000 recipes!!). If you’re a plant-based food blogger, head to Kathy’s Facebook Group to connect with and get support from like-minded people. If you have a question about veganism or panic attacks, reach out to Kathy via her FB or Twitter.


Kathy has also written the best-selling books 365 Vegan Smoothies (where you’ll find smoothies for your every wellness need) and Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen (which groups together Kathy’s favorite and most popular recipes).



What you’ll learn:

  • How a vegan diet can help heal eating disorders
  • The six dimensions of wellness
  • Natural strategies to soothe panic attacks
  • The worst thing you can do for your wellness
  • What causes panic attacks
  • How to heal vestibular migraines
  • How to feed your parasympathetic nervous system



Our favorite moments:

@14:32 The 6 dimensions of wellness

@16:53 A blend of Ali and Suzy?

@31:25 Wise old ladies

@32:01 Happy tips

@35:19 It’s all connected










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