167: How to Finally Lose Weight, Change Addictive Behaviors & End Body Shame


Are you addicted? Probably. Addiction is simply a movement away from feeling something. Most of us don’t want to feel—we seek to distract ourselves. And most of us are addicted—to coffee, to control, to sugar, to approval, to people pleasing, to social media, etc. These addictions are simply the strategies we’ve found to keep ourselves from experiencing, and expressing, unpleasant feelings and emotions.


Feelings don’t just appear out of nowhere. They are an energy born of your mental chatter. First you have a thought. From that comes an interpretation (depending on your life experience), which then determines how you feel about it.


“The emotion that can break your heart is often the very one that heals it.” In other words, you have to feel it to heal it. Unexpressed emotion and repressed anger will only cause more of the same, and damage your health too.


So how can you embrace and process your feelings? Tune in to discover JJ’s 3-step process! Listen now.


What about body shame? No matter our shape or size, the majority of us have some form of body shame: we dislike our bodies, put ourselves through extreme workouts, go on diets, but nothing ever works. And this is because we’re only addressing the surface. Everything from your biology to your spirituality, your endocrine system, thoughts and beliefs, are all part of fitness, even though they’re invisible. We need to go deeper than dieting and exercise.


JJ Flizanes is an empowerment strategist, personal trainer, podcast host and best-selling author. Her latest book “The Invisible Fitness Formula: 5 Secrets to Release Weight & End Body Shame” is dedicated to helping you address the emotional causes of weight gain, and reconnect with your body.


If you’ve tried everything and still aren’t losing weight, JJ has created something just for you. Her program is about total wellness, and will help you achieve weight loss without starving yourself or working out 7 days a week. The Invisible Fitness Academy is a 5 month course with weekly training for total body transformation. It’s also an online community: a safe, supportive space where you can elevate and challenge yourself into a new way of being. You’ll learn:

  • how to feel at home in your body
  • how to understand what has been undermining your health efforts
  • which foods trigger water weight and digestive troubles
  • which foods support your energy
  • the one thing to include into your exercise plan to finally see results
  • how to increase your metabolism and burn more calories
  • how to naturally slow the aging process
  • how to release excess weight and achieve true happiness


But hurry – because JJ has such limited coaching time, this offer is only open to 10 Food Heals Nation listeners. Click here to get more details and discover the great bonuses on offer when you sign up.



What you’ll learn:

  • Why we are constantly seeking a high
  • The difference between soft and hard addiction
  • What’s underneath your anxiety
  • Why people-pleasing is extra dangerous
  • Why ADD doesn’t exist
  • How electromagnetic frequency affects your health
  • How to neutralize EMF
  • How to process your emotions
  • Why depression is not about brain chemicals
  • How to make JJ’s paleo sugar-free dairy free raw macadamia cream
  • How the Keto diet can heal cancer
  • The best oil to use for your health



Our favorite moments:

@6:44 Fat burning secrets

@8:57 How do you study emotion?

@16:01 Called to be more conscious

@17:49 ADD is bullsh*t

@22:21 I will not put that goddamn thing on my body




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Non-violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg


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