152: Don’t Freak Out! How to Turn Your Anxiety into Your Greatest Strength


Allison Micco’s life changed dramatically the moment she began seeing her anxiety as a gift, an opportunity to learn and grow. Podcaster, Spirit Junkie and Anxiety Hacker, she’s now on a mission to help soulful women go from struggling with stress to learning how to love their anxiety.

On the latest episode of The Food Heals Podcast and the prequel to our Spirit Junkie Podcast Series, Allison describes how she turned her anxiety into her greatest strength.

OCD, panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, depression. It was a dark time for Allison. On the outside she was a party animal; they even called her, “Hurricane Allison.” On the inside, she was a mess, suffering in silence. Until one day she realized this anxiety was separating her from everything she wanted to do.

Allison found the Spirit Junkie community by chance, and it has been life-changing. She suddenly stopped seeing her anxiety as something that held her back. She began seeing it as her greatest feature. And then everything changed. Now she’s on a mission, to help women free themselves from anxiety and live to their fullest, happiest potential. She wanted to create what she needed when she was really struggling: the Don’t Freak Out Podcast was born. From nutrition, biohacking, mindfulness and more you’ll learn how to stop freaking out and to start loving life on Allison’s brand new show.

The Spirit Junkie movement is a global community of people on a mission to elevate each other and infuse love into everything they do, sparked by Gabby Bernstein’s book Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles. Through masterclasses and workshops, you are encouraged to share your story, let go of “imposter syndrome”, see your true value and potential, and dive head first into your dream life so that you can help others to heal and rise up.

To anyone who feels called to Gabby’s digital masterclass, Allison has two words: “DO IT! It’s food for your soul.” As a Spirit Junkie, wherever you are in the world, you have a tribe, a supportive sister (and brother)-hood of like-minded souls.

Now more than ever we need to stand up, share our story, and follow our dream of a mission-driven business. We’ve been born at a revolutionary time in history and consciousness; the world is wounded, there’s division and suffering; we need to step up, make a change, and spread the message of love.

Listen to your soul’s call—it will change every single area of your life. The Spirit Junkie Digital Masterclass is one of the greatest things you can do. Get out of your own way, and create a life that you are psyched to wake up for. Today is the first day of the rest of your amazing, ecstatic life.


What you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is anxiety?
  • How to step outside of anxiety and into intuition
  • Why talking about anxiety is key to healing
  • What it’s like behind the scenes of Spirit Junkies Masterclass
  • What you can do to have a healthy stress response
  • Top tools and tips to not freak out
  • Anxiety’s top trigger foods
  • How you can manage food sensitivity
  • How to use tapping and Emotional Freedom Technique to release what is keeping you stuck
  • How to start sharing your story and spreading a message of love


Our favorite moments:

@14:56 Moment of divine intervention.

@23:22 Spiritual washing machine.

@24:40 A pharmacist’s wet dream.

@34:20 That’s what doctors should be doing!

@53:41 People are waking up.

@57:54 Gabrielle Bernstein Interview on MarieTV: How to manifest anything you want

@1:07:04 Manifestation mishap.



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