146: Life Lafter Divorce: Using Laughter to Heal and the Truth About Love


Relationships. They are complicated things. Have we put too much expectation onto marriage? People used to get married to carry on the family farm or form new family links. Now, thanks to fairytales and Disney, we expect some perfect thing, to be swept off our feet, to never argue. But in fact, it isn’t the long heart to hearts at 2am that keep a couple together, but rather those everyday moments—going shopping together, taking out the trash so that your partner doesn’t have to, holding each other’s hand during a movie. You need to learn your own love language.

Perhaps because of all the expectations we place on marriage, divorce statistics are through the roof. Leanne Linsky is one of those statistics. Married at just 22 to her first serious boyfriend, Leanne found herself divorced three years later. A few years later, she followed the same pattern: married again, and divorced within a few years. She was crushed. But she was also determined that it would not be the end of her.

After her second divorce, Leanne lay, in a fetal position, on her bedroom floor – she knew she had to make major changes. But she didn’t know what she wanted. Married so young, she didn’t know who she was. Determined to step into her true self, she started saying YES to everything. Her life began to shift. She felt a new strength. She vowed that no matter what she did, she was not going to grow old, with nine cats, bitter and hateful of men.

One of the things Leanne said a big YES to was standup comedy. Once she started taking the classes, she was hooked. Joining the two things she knew best, comedy and divorce, Leanne launched Life Lafter Divorce two years ago, offering improv classes to fellow divorcees. Improv is about not caring, it’s about letting go—you never know what’s coming. If you try to control it, it fails…. A bit like a marriage! Leanne has created a safe space where people can let go of their pain, realize they are not alone, and use laughter to heal. Her podcast interviews a variety of guests about their divorce experiences and “haha” moments. Check out her website for her next improv workshops!


What you’ll learn:

  • How Suzy fell in love with improv.
  • How comedy can help you heal.
  • Can playing be more powerful than morphine for pain relief?
  • Why questions are better than affirmations.
  • How to reframe your affirmations to help them work better.
  • How to retrain your brain.
  • How to figure out your own primary and secondary love languages
  • Why you should never go to bed angry.
  • How to quickly resolve conflict in relationships.
  • What it takes to make a happy marriage.
  • Leeann’s tips for anyone going through a divorce.


Our favorite moments:

@2:47 Who gives a s—-??

@10:16 Jazz hands!

@15:32 if it feels gay do it more!

@23:23 Set your spouse on fire!

@31:21 I have a troll living in my brain.

@35:36 Next time take your socks off first.

@39:40 Shaking that booty!

@49:44 Thanks Disney!

@51:53 Twirking with your socks on?

@1:12:45 Can’t keep a girl down!




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