145: The One Kitchen Must-Have to Transform Your Health, Lose Weight and Detox Daily


According to the stats, we’re eating on average two portions of fruits and vegetables a day…. And this includes ketchup and potato fries! Truth is, for optimum health, we need to be eating more like between 5 and 10. Sounds like a lot to chew? This is where blending comes in. You can throw it all in a blender and drink your veggies!

Tarashaun always knew she wanted to work for herself. She began her entrepreneurial journey by selling jewelry on eBay. When she bought a high-power blender, she knew she had to share its magic with others. Smoothies, soups, ice cream, grinding grains—the versatility of this machine motivated Tarashaun to launch BlenderBabes and inspire people to make more than just smoothies. If you’re confused about blending, BlenderBabes is the site for you. She takes blenders through rigorous testing and offers honest reviews to help you choose your perfect kitchen companion.

Tarashaun also has an incredible healing story to share. She overcame a decade of disordered eating and wants to share her experience to help others. So many of us have an unhealthy relationship with food. For Tarashaun, reading The Secret opened her eyes to how she could use self-love and acceptance to heal. An eating disorder doesn’t have to last forever—it is possible to move forward from it, and self-love is an essential part of that.

If you want to dive into health, why not give Tarashaun’s Blender Cleanse a go? It’s a five-day program that helps you prepare your body for the cleanse, and provides enough nutrients and diversity to keep you satiated. Unlike a juice cleanse, you won’t be “hangry.”


What you’ll learn:

  • Juicing vs blending: which is best?
  • What happened during Suzy’s juice fast.
  • The most important part of any detox – that most people fail to do.
  • One ingredient to help curb “hangry-ness.”
  • The theory behind cleansing.
  • How can blending help you heal?
  • Why you need to include potatoes into your diet.
  • How step into self-love.
  • How to make a vegan bulletproof coffee, with a twist.
  • Tarashaun’s top tips for newbie food bloggers or anyone starting their business.


The Blender Babe’s super easy and delicious recipe for kids or picky eaters:

  • Frozen acai
  • Vegan yogurt unsweetened
  • Red cabbage
  • Berries
  • A banana


Our favorite moments:

@12:50 Chained to your juicer?

@21:52 My jaw just dropped.

@23:45 King Kong cold.

@24:45 We need to fall in love with potato again

@36:20 I blame Disney.

@41:46 Blendolution

@44:04 Political blend-off



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http://www.blenderbabes/detox: join the free juice detox!

The Founder, film

Jamie Oliver wins court case: McDonald food is “unfit for human consumption”

Bulletproof coffee



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