144: How to Never Get Sick Again & Secrets to Becoming a Glow Warrior


One in two people in the USA suffer from a chronic illness—365 million people. Amy Kurtz was one of them. She understands the loneliness that comes with a debilitating condition, and the frustration of going to doctor after doctor being offered nothing but pills.

At 14, Amy’s life changed dramatically. She bent down to pick up a book, and felt a shooting pain up her spine. And this pain simply didn’t go away. For ten years, she took the heavy-duty pain killers and muscle relaxants she was prescribed. Then, at 25, during a trip abroad, she picked up a parasite that tipped her body’s balance completely. She gained 30 pounds in 30 days. She couldn’t keep any food down, and she couldn’t go to the bathroom. She was bedridden for a month. Specialists told her food allergies didn’t matter, and kept prescribing antibiotics and pills. Finally, a doctor told her that her colon would never work, and she might as well have it removed. This was rock bottom.

But Amy didn’t give up. She knew she had to do something to help herself. She stopped eating gluten. Just two days after, her pain disappeared, as though it had never existed. She embarked on a holistic healing journey, empowering herself with the knowledge to heal her mind, body and spirit. She’s now a certified health coach, Pilates instructor, author and speaker.

Chronic conditions are often invisible – people don’t see them, and those suffering rarely speak about their illness for fear of being belittled or ridiculed. Amy woke up one day and realized she had to write a book and share her story. She wanted to create a collection of information to help people with chronic illness rebalance their bodies and move into health. Her book Kicking Sick is a collection of healing stories and Glow Warrior strategies to heal the spiritual, emotional and nutritional. Written to spark a new way of thinking, Kicking Sick helps tailor your lifestyle to transform you from the inside out and get you back into balance.


What you’ll learn:

  • What it was like being “the sick chick.”
  • How Amy overcame victim-mode and transformed herself.
  • What made Amy decide not to go down the conventional medicine route.
  • How to move away from fear into healing.
  • The difference between healing and curing.
  • How to become a Glow Warrior and inspire others.
  • Tips for budding authors and holistic entrepreneurs.
  • The first place to start to make yourself feel better.


Our favorite moments:

@4:47 This is horrifying!

@6:41 Food allergies don’t matter??

@10:10 The healthiest chick we know.

@13:09 What are your secrets??

@16:40 I’m going to seek what’s best for me.

@21:03 Breasts are sacred.

@24:04 Am I turning you on?

@30:25 I didn’t even know that I could write.

@37:35 I can mother myself!



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