143: Nine Steps to Overcoming Depression & Anxiety To Finally Thrive


Self-improvement – once a women-centric activity, now more and more men are showing up in yoga class, in meditation and in holistic health. Justin Stenstrom is at the forefront of this exciting movement.

Nine years ago, Justin went through a huge transformational period. He freed himself from depression anxiety and panic attacks, and began helping others overcome the same struggle. Elite Man Magazine was born. The website is a collection of advice for men, to help them gain confidence and become true gentlemen. His podcast interviews the best minds from the business, dating, health, fitness and social worlds.

Depression is characterized by regret of the past; anxiety is fear of the future. Either way, you’re not in the present moment. The key to overcoming both these mental conditions is getting back to the now. Justin’s got nine simple steps to help you do just that:

  1. Realize you’re not going crazy. Depression happens to most of us at one time or another.
  2. Use a combination of hypnosis, meditation or yoga (Justin’s favorites are Eckhart Tolle, Paul McKenna and Andrew Dobson)
  3. Live in the present moment.
  4. Exercise, move around
  5. Get enough sleep! We’re typically under-sleeping, but this increases our stress, causes cortisol levels to go through the roof and decreases serotonin.
  6. Improve your diet—good fats, complex carbs, healthy protein—optimize what you’re putting into your body.
  7. Take supplements—one of the best anti-depressant supplements is magnesium.
  8. Socialize! We need human connection to fully thrive.
  9. Find a purpose in life. Whether it’s a hobby, career change or following a passion. Find the thing that makes you jump out of bed every day, and go after it.


What you’ll learn:

  • Why you’re not going crazy if you’re depressed.
  • Justin’s go to strategy for overcoming depression
  • How to self-hypnotize
  • Which book changed Allison’s life?
  • Can you get too much sleep?
  • Why sometimes you need to get sick.
  • Why antibacterial will lead to allergies.
  • How much Vitamin C to take.
  • How to cure eczema.
  • Why plants will help you grow more than milk.
  • The best supplements and natural herbs for depression.
  • Why community and longevity are linked.
  • Justin’s best dating tips.


Our favorite moments:

@8:58 We are not alone

@15:01 Shout out to Eckhart!

@18:16 I was floored!

@25:40 The secret to reducing gas naturally!

@27:08 Don’t make out with strangers!

@34:56 Oh, your arthritis has gone.

@44:33 Lightning storms in my brain!

@51:12 An introvert? Come on!

@57:37 What’s the greatest treasure in the world?

@1:01:58 Justin’s ultimate pick up line.



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