142: How To Travel The World, Eat a Plant-Based Diet and Make Decisions from a Place of Love


Mel Bee became interested in nutrition after she overcame bulimia and depression in her early twenties. When she transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle she realized just how much food can contribute both to disease, and to wellbeing. After a decade of research into detoxing and holistic plant-based nutrition, she’s on a mission to spread the word. Leaving behind her 9 to 5, Mel got into freelance writing and set off traveling in an old VW campervan—with some funny tales to tell! As a detox coach, she helps women step into vibrant health by detoxing their cupboards and their minds from junk foods and junk thoughts.

Speaking of rubbish foods, did you know that over 75% of “edible” products in supermarkets are considered “non-food” items – yep, they’re THAT processed. The situation seems better in Europe, but even there, junk foods and associated diseases like diabetes are on the rise. The dire food situation seems to be matched by the scary political and environmental issues we’re facing.

So how do we deal with it? We send out love. That’s the only energy powerful enough to bring about positive change in the face of so much darkness. We’re not powerless. Each of us can choose to make every decision with love –be it the food we eat, the brands we buy, the way we behave towards others. We can make a difference every day. For Mel, this is how we create a greener, fairer, happier world.


What you’ll learn:

  • When to put food back on the shelf.
  • How the US and Europe differ in terms of food regulations.
  • What happened with Brexit?
  • How stress causes disease.
  • The number one thing that will sabotage a cleanse.
  • How to be plant-based and healthy on the road.
  • Two super simple and delicious salad dressings you can make anywhere (even in a van).
  • Three easy detoxing tips.
  • Why self-love can seem so difficult.


Our favorite moments:

@6:08 Cabbage soup diet?

@8:32 Sometimes you have to indulge

@13:16 I laugh because I’m scared

@17:36 It’s time to stand up and speak out

@24:53 Look, he’s an asshole.

@32:05 Garlic shakes?

@35:47 Digital nomading at its finest.

@40:46 When you shine, other people shine.



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