141: Eco-Entrepreneurship, Vegan Brownies and How to be Plant-Based on a Budget


Our guest today has been an entrepreneur since his early teens. Always a wheeler-dealer, Charlie Fyffe would sell Gatorade and give car rides in high school to make extra money. Having always loved brownies, selling them seemed a natural progression, and Charlies Brownies was born. But seeing that some people couldn’t enjoy the brownies made Charlie want to create a product that was not only delicious, but healthy and ethical as well. Charlie’s Brownies now makes organic, gluten-free, refined-sugar-free, vegan cupcakes (and we tasted them – they will blow you away). Charlie’s even working on a lower GI version for diabetics. And what about “special” brownies? You’ll have to listen to the episode for our take on that!

But Charlie does more than simply make amazing cakes. He also helps to revitalize the health and eating habits of underserved communities. This can be incredibly challenging in communities where there are no health food shop and where the nicest building houses a fast food restaurant. But Charlie is undeterred—there are ways to be plant-based on a budget. Charlie also gives talks about entrepreneurship, to encourage young people to follow their dreams: there is an alternative to the dead-end job option!

Food is everything for Charlie, he loves to teach people how what they eat and what they invest in affects them, their communities, the farmers and the earth. We have a choice every time we eat: we need to invest in food that is renewable, sustainable, and socially responsible. Food that supports the planet and conserves the earth for future generations: Plant-based food.

You can make big changes every day, through the food you choose to buy and eat. And for Charlie, this sustainable way of life can be delicious.

Come and check out Charlie’s Brownies at the LA Vegan Street Fair on 26th March where he’ll be launching three new mystery products!

You can buy Charlie’s Brownies in Yoga Urt in Glendale or if you want to order send Charlie a message.


What you’ll learn:

  • How Charlie transitioned his business to gluten-free and vegan.
  • What helped Charlie stay vegan.
  • The two super ingredients in Charlie’s brownies.
  • The reason Charlie was inspired to become an entrepreneur.
  • What mystery ingredient is non-toxic, and has powerful anti-tumor, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory effects?
  • How the vegan diet changed Charlie’s life.
  • How to encourage people about healthy food.
  • What makes fast food restaurants criminal?
  • How to be plant-based on a budget.


Our favorite moments:

@4:46 Even non-vegans love it

@6:15 The brownies made me go vegan

@10:55 Taste test!!

@13:45 Special brownies?

@16:35 The Devil’s lettuce.

@22:39 Giving up dairy cleared up my face.

@ 35:43 Just dealing drugs.



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