135: The Incredible Healing Protocol for Reversing Debilitating Disease & Heavy Metal Toxicity


You could eat all the right things and exercise every day, but if your mind believes you’re sick, you will be. On the other hand, if you believe that you are healthy, you can heal anything. Just like Miracle Man Morris Goodman says: man becomes what he thinks.

Khristee Rich fell ill when she was in college. She had chronic fatigue, brain fog, she was bed-ridden much of the time—she couldn’t work, go on dates, socialize, even write an email. But no one knew how to treat her. Doctors didn’t even believe she was ill, stating she was simply “depressed” and “stressed”. One doctor even told her she simply had to accept that she would be sick for the rest of her life. Khristee tried everything, from reiki to qi gong and acupressure, but nothing worked.

Finally, she was diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity—with blood levels of mercury and lead so high she should have been paralyzed or brain damaged. Unwilling to go through potentially fatal medical chelation therapy, Khristee began researching natural chelators. Using a combination of plant foods, supplements and visualization meditations, she freed herself of heavy metals in just one month.

Khristee knew she had a higher purpose than just being sick. She’s now a Visibility and Confidence Coach, and helps entrepreneurs boost their confidence so they can shine. Because when you show up for yourself, you can show up for others. Sign up at The Dancing Curtain for a free PDF: 5 Easy Ways to Boost Confidence and Get More Clients.

What you’ll learn:

  • How the Miracle Man overcame paralysis and walked out of hospital.
  • How to cultivate a positive mindset for healing.
  • What is a controversial parasite?
  • How medical chelation therapy works.
  • The two natural chelators Khristee used to detox from heavy metals.
  • What inspired Khristee to use her mindset to heal.
  • Khristee’s most important tips for healing.
  • Khristee’s tips to boost your confidence and get more clients.

Our favorite moments:

@6:40 That story has always stuck with me

@14:49 I am human, I go through emotions!

@18:43 A naturopath drinking Diet Pepsi?

@20:10 Controversial parasites

@23:40 Do you chew on thermometers?

@30:33 The power of our mind

@34:02 What shocking advice did Khristee received from her doctor?


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