134: How X-Factor Star Drew Ryniewicz Overcame Childhood Bullying and Learned to Be Herself Fearlessly


It isn’t just the dorky kid at school who gets bullied; you could be beautiful, successful, grown up, and still have to deal with bullies—a toxic friend, an overbearing family member, an unreasonable boss. Drew Ryniewicz found that out early on. At just 14 she was propelled into the limelight on the X-Factor, and despite being gorgeous and talented, she quickly had to contend with cyber trolls from all over the globe, watching and judging her life.

Drew followed her dream of becoming a musician despite the hardship and came to realize that the bigger the dream, the bigger the ridicule that comes with it. She wanted to use that ridicule to empower her life, write music, become the artist she wanted to be, and prove the trolls wrong. For the last two years, she’s dedicated her life to the anti-bullying movement and has become the face to Allstar Nation Tour, a music-based anti-bullying campaign. Drew shares her story to show other girls that they are not alone, and to help them see the beauty and potential that is within them. She’s even given an inspiring TED talk entitled “Having Ridiculous Dreams.” Drew challenges people to overcome rejection, live ridiculously, and follow their dreams.

Plus, our rockstar producer Roxy Flo talks about producing Drew’s song Empire the most beautiful, lyrical, honest song she’s written.

What you’ll learn:

  • What can you do if you are being bullied?
  • What Simon thought.
  • The definition of success.
  • Why bullies bully.
  • How Drew stays fit and healthy on the road.
  • Drew’s fairytale ending.
  • Allison’s music obsession.
  • How does music heal our soul?
  • Drew spills the beans on her idols!

Our favorite moments:

5:15 – Blindly going into it

6:55 – Brutally honest

12:50 – The at-home judge

20:18 – I can conquer this too

22:20 – People who can hold you up

24:25 – A late taco bell run?

25:17 – Yay Kale!

28:20 – I was in a funk

30:24 – You guys are my sisters.

33:20 – It’s crazy what music can do!

37:20 – Paints a picture every time he’s on stage

37:59 – Shameless music


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