136: Trump, Alternative Facts, Swamp Draining, Immigration and How to Stand Up For What You Believe In


How can a billionaire, who lives in a penthouse, who has never had to work in his life, who has never had to choose between paying the rent and buying food, who has never had to think about how to pay for healthcare, be a man of the people? How can he possibly relate to the lives of normal Americans? How can a businessman who bankrupted six of his businesses, and whose net worth would be superior had he simply put his inheritance in a bank, be classed as a great business brain? How can a man who’s made no bones about being sexist, and repeatedly made shockingly derogatory comments about women have had any kind of female following? How did he get voted in?

He talks a good game, that’s how. His rhetoric was appealing to the masses, those who’d been underserved by previous administrations, those tired of the same old statements and lack of change. The “alternative” facts he sprinkled into his speeches, and the questionable “truths” his campaign manager shared probably also helped (incidentally, check out this YouTube clip of Kelly Ann Conway doing Chicago – hilarious!).

But if we look at the solid facts, immigrants are not taking our jobs (and ALL Americans, except for Native Indians, are immigrants anyway!). A wall won’t fix the job crisis or the immigration crisis. The “swamp” isn’t being “drained”, only filled with more people who have no understanding of or interest in, what people really need. Affordable care is the same thing as Obamacare. And the last thing the world needs is more racism and outdated views about women!

Ok, so what can we do? How do we fight lies? How can we shift the story? We have to start the conversation and speak the truth. We’re seeing more and more women rise up and begin to get involved in politics—let’s stand up and be counted, ladies! In the words of Delores Huerta: “Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person is a potential activist, every minute is a chance to change the world.” Let’s not allow fear and anger to stop us living life. No matter what is going on politically, we are in control of our lives. You can be whatever you want it to be – don’t let anybody stop you!

Our favorite moments:

@2:27 Suzy comes clean

@5:47 I’m going to have a drink!

@7:50 That’s called a dictator

@11:20 I need another drink

@12:58 Bernie is the only man that can grab my pussy

@14:13 Angry uterus

@37:27 I can’t respect this person

@46:17 It’s time to listen

Favorite Links:

Allison and Suzy’s favorite resources. Tired of the political status quo? Then check these out:

  • 5calls.org – gives you numbers so you can call your congressman and start helping your community.
  • Resistancemanual.org – action begins with information. This website has all the information you need on Trump’s GOP policy agendas.
  • Indivisibleguide.com – a downloadable PDF file in many languages that will give you practical tips on how to resist Trump’s agenda.
  • Non-Violent Communication by Mark Rosenberg


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