133: Discover the Power of Tonic Herbs with Sage & Anna Blanca


It’s the food we crave whether we’re happy or sad, but chocolate has always been one of those foods wrapped in guilt. But raw cacao is different. Packed with healthy fats, it actually helps the body absorb nutrients, and has the power to make us glow. Especially if it’s Sage and Anna Blanca’s handmade Addictive Wellness chocolate. They’ve blended the finest quality raw cacao with tonic herbs, superfoods, and a lot of love, to create chocolate that nourishes your jing, your chi and your chen.

Tonic herbs have the power to heal and support all the body’s functions, including your immune system and your nervous system, and replenish your chi (your vital energy) so that you can shine your brightest light. Sage and Anna Blanca have a passionate desire to help people live their ultimate life and create a better world, and they do that through their raw chocolates.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why tonic herbs will help you build a better body than protein shakes
  • Ketosis and why it boosts health
  • Why eating fat makes you thin
  • The two pitfalls to look out for on a vegan diet
  • Anna Blanca and Sage’s daily herb regime
  • Why root canals are not inevitable
  • How to detox from heavy metals with tonic herbs
  • Why even a little sugar affects your future food choices
  • How to boost your baby’s immune system during pregnancy
  • Why tonic herbs are the yoga of foods
  • The two ingredients in vegan sugar-free fat burning whipped cream.


Our favorite moments:

@7:17 It tasted horrible!

@8:55 Running barefoot through the jungle

@10:14 Chocolate will get me into any movement!

@12:12 The more chocolate the better

@26:10 It’s time for a new standard

@32:32 Vegan sugar-free fat burning

@38:27 Are you feeling high?

@45:49 I want a reishi baby!

@1:04:05 The secrets to glowing

@1:10:50 Herbed out every single morning.


Sage and Anna Blanca’s Links:

Genetic roulette documentary






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