132: How Christian Lost 187 Pounds By Juice-Fasting, Working Out and Changing His Mindset


What do you know about the food you eat? Most of the time we pick foods because of their convenience and availability, without researching the ingredients or questioning where they come from. But when you begin to educate yourself about it, you never go back.

Christian Evans weighed in at 402 pounds. He had sleep apnea and took blood pressure meds. After three of his close family members passed away, he realized his lifestyle had to change. After watching Hungry for Change, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and Frankensteer, Christian began researching and learning about the devastating effects of sugar, the horrors of industrial farming, the mountain of chemicals and additives in processed food. And the links between modern diet and modern diseases. It was the push he needed to get started on his new healthy lifestyle.

Christian embarked on a two-month juice and smoothie fast—no easy feat considering he’s a chef and was around food all the time! He lost 80 pounds in the first two months. He kept going, intermittently fasting and swapping his usual weight training with cardio. He’s now a healthy 215 pounds. But it was more than just about diet—it was about mindset. Some people start their day with a morning coffee, Christian chooses a positive affirmation. He’s now a weight-loss blogger and health coach, helping others to ditch the junk foods and get healthy.

What you’ll learn:

  • The type of gym workout that doesn’t work
  • Why Christian switched from weight lifting to cardio
  • Christian’s tips to make healthier choices
  • Christian’s favorite juice
  • How Christian stuck to his fast despite working in a kitchen
  • The amazing properties of watermelon
  • Fruit juices vs vegetable juices?
  • The best fruit to mask cabbage juice flavor!
  • How to transition to solid food after a cleanse
  • How to keep the weight off

Our favorite moments:

@10:31 Headache you can’t shake

@11:10 Big machine you have to sleep with

@12:10 People question weight loss

@13:20 A nibble here, a nibble there.

@14:29 Where’s the f’ing food?

@17:05 Money!!

@17:36 This is where I get political!

@17:58 The best government money could buy.

@24:51 Eight pounds in three days.

@31:30 Smells like lawn clippings.

@36:00 Talk to people who want to listen

@45:40 What is the lesson?

@47:26 Saying all this crazy stuff


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