129: How to Heal Physical & Emotional Pain, Release Blocks & Receive Love Through Energy Healing


Almost all issues, physical or emotional, can be healed through energy work—even physical pain that’s connected with an emotional block. Master Energy Healer Benson Simmonds marries energy work with divine Hebrew symbols to harness the power of the universe and heal his clients. Whether body or mind, what it comes down to is unconditional love.

In a way, many of us have lost our sense of power. We’re mostly driven by our ego, based on fear and the thought “I’m not good enough”, something which is endlessly confirmed by the media. While this is our default system, we can choose to be driven by our soul, which is based on joy, love, and expansion. Benson’s book Soular Power teaches us how to open up to the divine flow to allow more love to come in.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to connect to the paradox of the soul.
  • How Benson first started hearing and communicating with animals.
  • How to erect a pyramid of protection.
  • How to energetically connect to the divine.
  • What you can do with your anger energy. There are two ways to deal with it!
  • Ways to connect to love.
  • The difference between soul and ego – ego needs it, soul generates it.
  • Our three bodies and how to heal them.
  • The difference between Qi Gong and Hebrew letter energy work.
  • How can we shift from ego to love?
  • How can you have more fun doing anything?
  • How to see yourself from a divine perspective.

Benson’s Links:

Maryjane’s massage.com – book a CBD-infused massage or book Benson for some energy work!


Soular Power Book on Amazon

PDF of Soular Power

Linked In



Our favorite moments:

@7:46 This is science people!

@9:57 Sparks coming through his hands.

@12:31 I am enough, this moment is enough.

@19:09 I want your power!

@30:13 I can survive this.

@40:39 It’s love.

@49:09 Let’s do the pyramid!

@54:40 We have to wake up and love and put ourselves first

@59:48 Ego has to have control

@1:07:56 The YAY of me.

@1:12:10 Somebody needs you.


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