128: Never Binge Again & Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person with Dr. Glen Livingston


Overeating: we all do it. And modern society’s focus on high-calorie industrial foods only makes this worse. Plus we’ve all got that inner voice that facilitates our binging: You’ve had a hard day. You deserve a treat. It tastes delicious. How does your inner voice talk you into having that extra bar of chocolate?

Dr. Glenn Livingston used to have exercise bulimia. At 6′ 4″  and with a muscular build, he could eat over 6000 calories a day and not put any weight on as long as he worked out for a few hours. But as his responsibilities increased, he spent less time at the gym and the weight began to pile on. After exploring traditional ways to overcome eating disorders with no significant breakthrough, he decided to fund his own study to look at the link between personality styles and food cravings. While there was a definite link, the bigger problem was the inner voice that sabotages your efforts. That little whisper that says “You deserve that slice of cheesecake.” But you can detach from that voice—in fact, that is the key to never binging again.

Glenn wrote NeverBingeAgain, a free book dedicated to helping you overcome overeating patterns—stress eating, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, binging. Download your free resources, including food planning templates and MP3 interviews, and get started on your journey towards a slimmer body and better health today!

What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between someone who craves chocolate and someone who craves salty foods?
  • Are you stress eating or emotional eating?
  • How to move away from that inner voice that sabotages your efforts.
  • How Glenn stopped eating chocolate.
  • The three things in our culture make binging worse.
  • Glenn takes Allison through an exercise to stop eating sugar.
  • How you resist the inner voice that pushes you to eat sugar.
  • How to remind yourself of your commitment so you stay in control.
  • How to move out of your primal lizard brain and into your frontal cortex (thinking) brain.
  • How to overcome the fear and uncertainty around reaching your goal.
  • Glenn’s tips to immediately stop overeating.

Glen’s Links:

Never Binge Again




Our favorite moments:

@4:35 I’ve got some controversial thoughts.

@6:45 What WASN’T I eating?

@10:08 This is blowing my mind!

@11:45 Chocolate is a vegetable?

@16:51 Eating yourself to death.

@17:51 No wonder we’ve got an eating epidemic.

@27:10 Sugar whore.

@29:29 Let’s have some sexy time!

@32:01 Change the world!

@33:14 You ARE super hot.

@34:34 I’m every woman…

@43:14 The two sides of deprivation.

@45:43 Better than sex.


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Rational Recovery



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