130: Radical Self-Care Routines, Stepping into Love, and Creating a Fundamental Consciousness Shift


When Allison met Heather at Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass, she knew she had to come on the podcast! Heather Fantin is a transformational coach and intuitive healer, and founder of Soul on Fire retreats, where people can completely transform and heal their mind, body, and being.

Heather’s early life was filled with drama and despair: parents separating, getting into the wrong crowd, abusive relationships, rape, car crashes—life kept bringing her to her knees. At just 18, her inner guide voice shone through: “you are not living the life you are intended to live—you have a lot of work to do and you have to change your life.” She left her hometown of Seattle and spent 15 years traveling the world, learning new healing techniques and experiencing different cultures, exploring humanity and herself.

We feel the way we do because of what we’re thinking. Thoughts create our reactions and affect the quality of our life, and our future. You need to get clear on the story. Does yours empower or disempower you? It’s easy to fall into victim mode, but by becoming aware, you can free yourself from negative thought patterns.

Heather believes there is a fundamental shift occurring in how we approach health. Imagine how different your entire life would be if you felt whole, if you were healed, if you embraced your light and dark with love. Imagine a world filled with people just like that. Radical self-care is more than just eating healthy and working out. It’s about cultivating loving feelings towards yourself, having a deep connection with a power bigger than yourself and being in a supportive and open community of like-minded individuals.

2016 was an intense year. The current political climate is raw and has awakened many pent-up feelings within us. How can we make a positive impact on the world through our thoughts and actions?  How can we heal this trauma? When we judge others or situations, we are in fact judging something within ourselves that needs healing. Even Trump is simply a reflection of our collective shadow. When we come from a place of love instead of fear, we no longer feed the problem. We are spiritual beings, not just human beings—we can open up to love, heal ourselves, and heal the world.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to release emotions and shift into love
  • How to work with your anger.
  • How to get yourself back into the present quickly—the “drop inside” technique.
  • The effect cultural beliefs have on health.
  • How our beliefs shape our future lives.
  • How Heather met her soulmate.
  • Heather’s core healing exercises.
  • How to make the connection between how you’re showing up today, and what got you here.
  • How to apply your spiritual practice to all parts of your life.

Heather’s Links:

Mind Body Being website





Our favorite moments:

@8:09 Wild and crazy

@11:05 A lightning bolt came to me.

@17:17 I’m being called to help humanity heal.

@17:38 I want my soul to be on fire with everything that I do.

@23:09 I know I need to be here now.

@24:02 I need to break these chains.

@25:06 Do we ever get there?

@25:38 I love myself!

@38:40 If you’re still a victim you’ve got work to do.

@39:59 We’re creating all of that unconscious programming.

@40:25 Why do we torture ourselves??

@43:47 You can heal something in five minutes.

@44:59 We’re shifting to quantum healing.

@56:40 Our attention is our greatest currency.

@57:53 You can’t fight hate with hate.

@1:01:50 Preach it girl!

@1:04:40 Forgiveness sets you free.


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