1127: How to Be an Eco-Friendly Vegan Fashionista with GUNAS Founder Sugandh Agrawal


Let’s be honest, almost all of us have shopped at a fast fashion outlet at one point or other, for that last minute party outfit or a quick shopping fix. But often these clothes last all of a day, disintegrating after one wash. They may be cheap, but they’ve got a heavy ethical and ecological cost: made in sweatshops, laced with lead, they quickly end up in landfills. Is it possible to be fashionistas with a conscience? YES!

As a vegetarian and now vegan, Sugandh Agrawal knew she didn’t want to wear animal byproducts and set about finding an alternative. Leather, while known the world over for being “luxurious”, is a dirty industry—not just cruel to animals, but cruel to the people who work with it, and the environment. The journey to launching an ethical fashion brand wasn’t easy—she had to find different materials and artisans willing to work with them, not to mention finding factories that treat workers fairly. But it was worth it! In 2009 she launched GUNAS New York, our favorite, 100% vegan, 100% sweatshop-free, 100% eco-friendly handbag brand, voted Most Ethical Brand by the Ethical Fashion Forum.

You don’t have to compromise on style—you can be fashion forward and fashion conscious.  Sugandh wants to show the world a vegan lifestyle isn’t bland. It’s as fun, vibrant and colorful as the GUNAS handbags.

What you’ll learn:

  • Suzy and Allison’s three tips for eco-friendly fashion shopping.
  • How Sugandh convinced her uni campus to provide vegetarian options.
  • How Sugandh started her own business.
  • The spiritual meaning behind the name GUNAS.
  • The ethical side of fashion.
  • How to be more fashion forwards and fashion conscious.
  • The truth about “made in the USA”
  • How to make eco-friendly choices.
  • The secrets behind Sugandh’s inspiration.


Sugandh’s Links:





Our favorite moments:

@6:08 Why, why, why are they putting lead into shoes?

@8:30 Cancer clusters happen for a reason.

@10:20 It’s our water, we have a right to know!

@17:01 What do you eat then, just salad?

@26:45 This is meant to be!

@27:41 You have to stay positive.

@31:30 Learning never stops.

@38:40 It’s controversial!

@44:17 girl power!

@47:01 Consumers hold the power.

@48:10 Vote with your shopping cart.


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Resource Links:

Sign the Greenpeace Fashion Manifesto


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GUNAS is an independent high fashion label with a cause! Started in 2009,  GUNAS’s heart and soul screams to be the voice of animals. The mission is strong and clear. Animals are NOT meant to be a part of fashion. We can look and feel good without harming other living beings. We need to connect ourselves with what goes on behind the scenes and question our actions and their impacts.

100% vegan and 100% sweat shop free!

Get 20% off your order! Go to www.gunasthebrand.com and use Coupon Code: FoodHeals to score your exclusive discount!

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