123: The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners, How to Restore Your Metabolic Function & Balance Your Hormones


Let’s face it, 98% of diets fail. Why? Mindset and misinformation. Diets are short term fixes based on restriction. But while we’re afraid of calories, not getting enough actually does more harm than good in the long term—so much so that today’s guest, Alexa Schirm, would rather people be overfed on the right foods than underfed on anything. But nutrition is only one part of the bigger picture that makes up perfect health. It’s also about mindset, accepting who you are, and going for your dreams.

Alexa Schirm is the force behind Simple Roots Wellness, a website dedicated to helping you find a healthy balance. With a BA in Nutrition and Masters in Health Studies, Alexa is passionate about simplifying complex matters and giving you the raw, unedited, simple truth about health and what the body needs to thrive. She’s also a fellow podcaster with her show Simple Roots Radio, where she interviews experts and everyday people on health and wellness strategies.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Why whole foods are best
  • How to restore metabolic function and manage hormones
  • The hormonal effects triggered by artificial sweeteners
  • How fake sugar makes you hungrier
  • What your fat cells are made of
  • Why calorie deficits do more harm than good
  • The one thing most people miss when they decide to get healthy
  • How to give up sugar without feeling like you’re giving anything up
  • How to emotionally connect with your goals

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John Lee Dumas Podcast Course


Our favorite moments:

@ 2:10 This is important for everyone

@10:35 It’s fine, it’s sugar free!

@12:29 sugar is a known drug

@15:29 There is no aspartame tree, there is no nutrasweet bush

@21:10 Fat is fun!

@31:45 I’m weird, I’ve always loved kale

@37:38 I’m the biggest rule breaker

@40:22 Sometimes husbands get it right.


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